Embroidered eyes for the dolls

In case you are just joining in on my doll-making journey, my goal is to create a classic 1930-40’s style cloth doll, giving her a slightly more modern look while keeping those lovely vintage elements and clothing.
So far I am up to embroidering the eyes. After deciding on the style of the eye I wanted for my doll here, I then needed the color.
 eyes for the dolls
Aiming for as realistic as possible, I decided to photograph my daughter’s eye and use that as a guide. Alas, she was asleep (for an unusually long period) so my eye had to suffice. Bit humbling seeing your own eye up close – I didn’t realize I had that many wrinkles!
 eyes for the dolls  eyes for the dolls
After studying the colours in the photo, I chose thirteen shades to make up the green, grey, brown and golden hues. Working with a single strand of thread, I started with the darker ring around the outside then adding lighter more golden colours towards the center.
Proportions of the pupil were made a bit larger than mine, as I figured I was looking into the light when I took the picture. Lastly, the light/highlight in the eye was added for the finishing touch.
I am sure more experimentation and practice will see some improvements – like how the iris started off perfectly round but was a bit wonky by the end… but for my first attempt, I am really happy:) Yay!
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 eyes for the dolls  eyes for the dolls
 eyes for the dolls
courtesy: biglittletales