Flowers of pumpkin seeds

Flowers of pumpkin seeds

Beauty n When childbirth is a party to the children’s games and crafts. Children draw their inspiration directly from nature and create unique things, pleasing to the eye. The seeds – an excellent material for the creation of handicrafts.


For work, we need: pumpkin seeds, onion seeds, CD, white paper, scissors, glue PVA glue gun, acrylic paints, brushes, spray clear coat.

Let us manufacture flower Sun


To seal the surface of the disc of white paper. Peeling off the film with pumpkin seeds. Circling adhesive glue gun seeds, sunflower petals imitating.


Stained sunflower petals yellow paint.


In the middle of the flower plot the  glue and liberally sprinkle the surface of the onion seeds. The cap is ready.


To create a beautiful flower – dahlia with  pumpkin with glue in a circle. With the circles symmetric lobes.



The edges of the petals covered with paint in a contrasting colour.


Anchoring job aerosol colorless varnish. Spilling rainbow colors, how much tenderness, charm of them! That’s our dahlias as if from a fairy tale …


Flowers made of natural materials in the summer decorate the porch or infield. And in the cold season will take pride of place in the nursery.