Flowers are made of nail polish


That’s right, these flowers are made of nail polish. Equally important part is also a thin sheet of aluminum wire, which carousel loops watercolor brush arm. Loops can not be terribly large, because the surface tension of the nail polish is not too tired to keep a very wide-ranging films together. The film is best formed shaped loop when pulled flat in the kynsilakkasiveltimellä lehtiaihion narrow to get wider. Petal Loops can shrivel a little ready, as long as does not pull overs, as the lacquer is much more difficult to stay on the curve frame as a fully upright position. The varnish has dried, the leaves may persuade more gently, and nail polish can, of course, to spread more layers, depending on how the translucent results to be achieved.


Sunflower can persuade one go or petal at a time, in isolation from each other short intervals. Where does each leaf separately, takes the form of better controlled and any details is easier to paint. Sunflower assembly again is quite difficult when the petals must be firmly in place without breaking the lacquer surfaces. Arm will also be quite thick, so I felt myself better formulate the whole flower at a time from a single piece of.


Nothing lasting from one generation to another jewelry this is certainly not the time, but the end result surprised durability. I thought that the flowers will dry Hapero that there is a cracking broken contact, but when too much bender one leaves, it gave up a flexible plastic by law. When you fixture flowers comb, tore a few leaves out the wire on top, but got the cavities easily corrected with a new layer of lacquer. Flower set can be attached to wire and varnish made little butterflies, or add a small glass beads or even marjoiksi nupuiksi. All in all, this is certainly just a great technique if you want something unique, although a little fun to the wedding or Christmas party season.