How fast do the candlestick

Hello friends, Let’s see how to make cute candlesticks from old glass jars.
the jars should be clean both inside and outside: remove all stickers from them, how to wash and dry.
Now take the glue.
I use gel “moment” – it is clear, does not spread, glues tightly, and – most importantly – can be easily removed from hands.
Work surface before it applied the glue is essential to decrease.
It can be used for this purpose acetone or alcohol – degreasing provides better coupling with glass adhesive.
Apply a few drops of our jar – a circle.
Next – pasted all that was found in our storerooms – it can be a braid, ribbons, lace, or just a piece of beautiful fabric, which hand did not rise to throw.
It is important to pasting, you need to slightly pull the fabric, like leather.
The edges of the fabric lighter – they will not crumble – and stick to overlap each other.
We are obtained here are blank:
Decor. Plenty of room for imagination!
Pasted on the cloth can be glued or sewn carefully everything your heart desires!
But first, you need to decorate the neck of the jar. To do this, on top of our main sticking any other tissue.
I took the braid in tone. Then the holes in the braid held needle thin satin ribbon and pulled: Now no one would guess that in a past life was our candle jar from under a cream
Important: if you do the “work” rather than a decorative candle holder, that is going to use them, not only to admire – do not decorate the neck of the jar completely.
Leave a bit of glass acting – it is a guarantee that your design does not accidentally break out in the midst of a romantic evening!
Next – will be tying up gently bow, sew a few beads. … the final touch – insert the candle …
and now we have a candlestick, which is not ashamed to give!
courtesy: livemaster