How to make a Newspaper Wall hanging

How to make a Newspaper Wall hanging

Want to give a gift to someone special.Make it with your hand. Don’t worry on getting materials. It’s easy to find out from your surroundings. Let us do it with the newspaper from your home itself. Here I am going to show you how to make a newspaper wall hanging. 

Things we need for that are newspapers, glue, scissors, ribbon and acrylic colours.

Making method: Cut the newspapers lengthwise and roll it using a stick. Roll it lengthy as shown in the video. Fix its end with glue. We may need 45 to 50 such sticks. Roll the newspaper sticks to make roundels. Join two sticks to make big roundels. To make the heart paper shapes, we can use something in the heart shape. Roll the newspaper on the heart shaped material and fix its end too. I here made 21 heart shapes, 3 roundels of the same size and 1 slightly bigger roundel. Take the roundels and press it slightly from one side. Mix glue with base paint and apply it on the newspaper shapes. it will help to retain the shape.  Paint the shapes. Using a ribbon we can arrange the shapes. The ribbon itself is used to hang the piece. Stick the heart shapes and roundels in the design you want. Now by applying paint, you can make it more beautiful. Our work is finished. Look, how beautiful it is.



Courtesy: Seema’s Art