How to Make Double-Sided Earrings

This blog post provides a detailed guide on how to create your own double-sided earrings or ear jackets using Swarovski crystals and recycled plastic. The step-by-step instructions will help you make stunning back stud earrings and explore various design ideas. Let’s get started!

 double sided earrings

Materials Required:

  • Swarovski Crystals in different colors and sizes (7.27mm diameter crystals for the earring post and 2.2mm diameter crystals for the fanned backing)
  • Earring post & stopper
  • Awl
  • Tweezers
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Toothpick
  • Take-out box or any plastic container
  • Pencil & Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Xacto knife


 double sided earrings

1: Attach the Crystal to the Earring Post

  1. Apply E6000 adhesive to the earring post.
  2. Carefully place a crystal on the earring post, ensuring it is slightly smaller in diameter.
  3. Allow the adhesive to dry.

 double sided earrings

2: Create the Fanned Backing

  1. Draw a semi-circle with a radius of 13mm, measuring from the center dot.
  2. Divide the semi-circle into five equal intervals to create a fan shape.
  3. Adjust the radius measurement based on your own ear piercing placement.
  4. Use the pen to trace the template on a piece of plastic, such as an empty take-out container or a recycled plastic box.

 double sided earrings

3: Cut and Shape the Fanned Backing

  1. Cut out the fanned backing shape using scissors and an Xacto knife.
  2. Use an awl to create a hole in the fanned backing for the earring post to pass through.
  3. Consider rounding the edges of the plastic for added safety, although they are not usually sharp enough to cause harm.

 double sided earrings

4: Add Crystals to the Fanned Backing

  1. Apply a small amount of glue to a crystal using a toothpick.
  2. Use tweezers to carefully place a crystal on each wing of the fanned backing.
  3. Allow the glue to dry completely.

 double sided earrings

5: Complete the Earrings

  1. Insert the earring post through the hole in the fanned backing.
  2. Place the stopper on the earring post, securing the fanned backing in place.
  3. Your dazzling back stud earrings are now ready to wear!

 double sided earrings

Design Ideas and Tips:

  • Experiment with different crystal colors and sizes to create unique designs.
  • Use the same supplies and techniques to make simpler earrings with various patterns.
  • Trim the edges of the plastic piece using an Xacto knife once the glue has dried for a cleaner finish.
  • Explore different shapes and motifs by arranging crystals on the plastic piece before gluing them down.
  • Consider using recycled materials, such as plastic from food containers, to make eco-friendly earrings.

 double sided earrings

Now you’re ready to create your own stunning double-sided earrings! Enjoy the process and let your creativity shine.

 double sided earrings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Double-Sided Earrings

1. Can I use other types of crystals instead of Swarovski?

Certainly! While Swarovski crystals are known for their quality and sparkle, you can use any crystals or gemstones that suit your style and budget.

2. What other materials can I use for the fanned backing?

In addition to recycled plastic containers, you can experiment with materials like acrylic sheets, leather, or even metal to create unique backings for your earrings.

3. How do I clean and maintain these earrings?

To clean the earrings, gently wipe them with a soft cloth or a cotton pad dampened with mild soap and water. Avoid submerging them in water or using harsh chemicals. Store them in a jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratching.

4. Can I make larger or smaller versions of these earrings?

Absolutely! Feel free to adjust the measurements and crystal sizes according to your preferences. Just remember to maintain the balance between the earring post and the fanned backing for comfortable wear.

5. Are these earrings suitable for sensitive ears? It depends on the materials used. If you have sensitive ears, opt for hypoallergenic earring posts and ensure that the plastic or backing materials do not contain any allergenic components. You can also coat the earring posts with a layer of clear nail polish to provide a barrier between the metal and your skin.

 double sided earrings  double sided earrings

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