How to remove tan with papaya



Summers bring with it joys galore! While on the one hand we enjoy the summer fruits, swimming and bright sunny days – on the other it is a serious fight with the scorching heat and burning skin. Summer tends to dehydrate the body and when you walk into the sun even for minutes the sun rays damage your skin badly. In this burning heat what your skin requires is a complete care for protecting the skin from harmful UV rays and ways to remove tan naturally!

Papaya is God’s gift in summer which doesn’t just give you all the nutrition but is also a wonderful ingredient for removing tan. Rich in vitamins, high on fiber and definitely good for the gut – papaya is not just a great fruit to eat but also works on the skin when used in the form of packs. As natural as it sounds just a few applications of this wonder fruit brings back the glow of your skin and aids in removing tan that you must have been stressing about!

Why does it work?

Papaya is a tropical fruit which clearly indicates that it retains a lot of water and has anti-oxidants which work beautifully for the skin. Researchers have found that consumption of papaya helps you digest the food better, improve weight loss, better the heart health and also helps in prevents cancer. While the fruit is rich in a lot of properties here is why it is good for removing tan from your skin and giving you that natural glow!


  • The enzyme called pepsin present in papaya helps in killing the dead cells and removes the free radicals to help make the skin clean and radiant
  • Papaya helps the skin heal. The enzymes present in the fruit is soothing to the skin and helps in fighting with the tan
  • Papaya is also a natural scrub because of the BHA (beta hydroxyl acid) present in it. This helps in removing the dead cells quite easily
  • Papaya is rich in vitamins that fight with the free radicals and restore the youthfulness of the skin. This helps improve the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Papaya is rich in medicinal properties and hence is a great cure for eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems
  • Papaya has a lot of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it one of the magical ingredients to fight against acne. It also helps remove the skin itchiness, burns, flakiness etc.
  • Vitamin E present in the papaya helps to fight with the dark circles and gives the skin a natural glow
  • Papaya has potassium which helps in removing the skin dullness, dryness and puffiness
  • The flavonoids that are found in Papaya increase the collagen production which in turn makes the skin soft, younger and supple.
  • The latex obtained from papaya is used in a variety of products to make them good for treating boils and skin rashes. It helps cure the skin scars, marks, rashes etc to the utmost.


Face masks / Face packs with papaya that helps remove tan

While papaya is a good fruit to aid digestion, improve immunity and fight cancer, its nutritional properties work towards making your skin look flawless with the help of face masks. The papaya face masks for tan removal! Here are some of the face masks and packs which can be easily prepared with papaya and help you fight with the suntan.

Papaya and Honey face mask

With suntan comes the blemishes, skin burn, and pigmentation which needs a natural cure. This papaya honey face mask helps in restoring the skin dryness, soothe the skin and give a natural de-tanning to the skin. Just mash a few cubes of papaya and add about a tablespoon of honey to it. Mix it well and a little of the cold milk to turn this mix into a paste. Milk brightens the skin while honey helps make the skin nourished and de-tanned. Papaya heals the skin from within and gives it a soft glow – helping remove tan faster!

Papaya and Lemon face pack

Lemon is a rich fruit with anti-oxidants and Vitamin E which works miraculously in aiding the removal of tan from the skin. Mixing it with papaya treats the skin naturally and removes tan in the subtlest way. Just mash a few cubes of papaya and add about one lemon juice to it. Turn it into a smooth paste and apply it on the skin. Let the face pack rest for about 20 minutes and wash off with normal water. The face mask helps to remove tan in just 2-3 uses while giving a soft and supple feel to the skin.

Papaya and Yogurt face pack
Papaya is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and yogurt is a good source of lactic acid which together helps cure the sun tan with ease. This face pack helps in treating acne as well as the pigmentation caused by the sun tan.


  • Mash 4-5 big cubes of papaya in a small bowl.
  • Now add about 2 tablespoons of yogurt to it.
  • Mix them well and let it turn it into a smooth paste.
  • Apply this face pack evenly on clean skin and let it rest for a good 30 minutes.
  • Scrub the dried face pack and remove it.
  • Wash off with cold water.


Using this face mask will help you remove tan easily and give a soft glow too. The skin burn, pigmentation, and itchiness will be reduced too!

Papaya and Clay mask
Papaya is a rich source of vitamins and minerals for the skin. It also helps in removing the excessive oil. Clay, on the other hand, is a great ingredient to work on acne, tan and pigmentation that comes with it. Therefore, the papaya and clay mask is the best face pack for the oily skin, acne-proneMash a large size slice of papaya in a bowl and make it smooth.

  • Now add about 2-3 tablespoon of Multani mitti or clay powder to it.
  • Mix them well and if needed add a few drops of rose water to it.
  • Let the mix soak for a minute and your face pack is ready.
  • Apply this face pack on your clean skin and let it dry naturally.
  • Wash off with cool water.

This face pack will give an instant oil removal and clean skin while lightening the tan and a soft glow with it. Use it a couple of times more to get rid of tan completely. skin, and suntan removal.


Papaya and Tomato face pack
Papaya is a natural scrub and when combined with tomato it becomes an excellent face pack to remove tan and remove the dead skin cells. This face pack has to be the most popular for fighting with a lot of skin problems like itchiness, blemishes, rashes, suntan and for the glow!

  • Mash a big slice of papaya.
  • Remove the skin of one tomato and then mash it with papaya.
  • Make this paste smooth.
  • Apply this face pack for about 20 minutes.
  • The pack shall feel a little ticklish but it is okay.
  • Wash off with cold water.

This face pack removes sun tan faster and gives relief from acne, itchiness, and burns too.

Papaya and Aloe Vera mask

Suntan can be very irritating especially with the pigmentation and repeated itchiness. This face mask helps cure the tan while also reducing the side-effects of it.

  • Take equal quantities of papaya pulp and aloe vera.
  • Now mix them both together to make a good paste.
  • Apply this face pack on face, neck, hands and more.
  • The instant soothing effect is soon followed with the drying of the mask on the skin.
  • Let it turn completely dry and vanish into the skin.
  • Now wash it with cold water.

Works miraculously in giving de-tanned supple skin with no itch or pigmentation.

Papaya and Apple cider vinegar
Apple or apple cider vinegar is a good choice to remove tan and when combined with papaya it provides for instant relief too. This face mask is ideal for sensitive skin and gives a glow too.

Just mix the papaya pulp with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it well. Now add this face mask to your face and let it rest for 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water and see the difference in your tan.

Papaya and Rice flour peel off mask
Papaya is often used as a peel-off mask because it helps in removing dead skin cells. This mask helps you fight with it naturally. Just mix 2 tablespoon papaya pulp with one teaspoon honey, ready-made papaya peel, and 1 tablespoon rice flour. This will soothe the skin while taking the tan off. Apply it on your face, let it rest and turn dry. Now start peeling off the mask from the lower end all the way to the forehead. You shall find a much cleaner skin with a soft glow and reduced tan.

Papaya is a rich source of minerals and vitamins for your body. Every time you eat it try to save a few cubes and use it on the skin to help fight with tan naturally. It aids in removing tan faster and naturally!

courtesy: beautyhealthtips