How to make ”chocolate surface” on the book cover


How to make ”chocolate surface” on the book cover

Do you love chocolate like I love it? I love and decided not to limit yourself in it! Give chocolate to the masses! Let not quite edible, but very tasty. I show how to do ”chocolate surface” on the book cover.

The agenda notes. Pictures do not convey its atmosphere. I hope not only for me, chocolate is associated with happiness 🙂 You can do without decor, delicious will anyway.

The list of materials is sufficient budget:

1. unit for notebook. Did not make a master class on its construction, a lot of them on the Internet. You can take the ready. I block A6, did very fast way (on a typewriter).

2. Two sheets of cardboard the size of a beer cover. A few scraps of cardboard beer cube.

3. Glue (I “Moment Crystal”).

4. brown acrylic paint.

5. Bookmark – lace / braid / tape on request.

6. Fabric or leather binding for those who do not make notes on the rings.

Of the tools I needed only Stationery knife, scissors, ruler and mat.

We cut our book cover. Dimensions my block 10.5 to 15 cm, the cover 11 made at 16 cm, to have indents 0.5 cm with three sides on the spine is not necessary.

Determine the size of the cubes optimally went 2 for 3 cm. If the notebook is less, it is better to do “slices” of 1 to 2 cm when A5 format, you can leave the same as here, having calculated the distance to avoid long distances between them. Sliced ​​so: Prototyping knife separates itself long strip of 3 cm wide, two-centimetric linuyu her to strip and cut with scissors little distance, it’s faster than the knife.

book cover

Please try on the entire structure, and then glue.

Gruntuem white ground, trying to get a brush in the narrowest space. The white color is needed to book cover at Brown we could insure the gaps at the joints. For those who prefer dark chocolate, it can be primed with a black, but then complicated with a brown layer of top coat may be missing because of the merging of the colors.

The first layer is acrylic. Be sure to matte. The brush should be soft, thick, synthetic.

Be sure each layer must be dry. When applying a second layer of brown acrylic paint, it is necessary to remove excess paint coated paper and semi-dry brush, good shading.

I still wet paint, I was glued to the spine strip, it will be mild. By measuring the binding unit, added a centimeter – the distance between the covers.

Paste. Master-class on the surface, rather than a notebook, so the process of connecting the unit with the cover did not shoot, it is the same as in tissue or paperback.

Our chocolate book cover without the calories ready!