How to make kathakali pendant from clay

Kathakali is the classical dance form of Kerala. The word Kathakali literally means “Story-Play”. It is a highly stylised dance-drama which serves to present story themes derived from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and other Hindu epics, myths and legends.

Courtesy: Ros Petals

Tools :

  • Clay,
  • Paper ,
  • blade,
  • face mould,
  • nichrome wire,
  • cutting plier,
  • round nose plier,
  • clay roller ,
  • tools to make impressions.

Many of my friends asked me to give tutorial for Kathakali pendant. I usually carve the pendant fully without using any moulds. But it is indeed a difficult and time consuming work . Then I thought about an easy way to do a Kathakali pendant. The result is this tutorial. To my friends who are scared to try the carving, don’t worry use a face mould. Hope this will help you. A special thanks to my friends who asked me the tutorial for this design. Thanking every fans of ROS PETALS page for helping us reach 5000+. This is a gift for you dears.

Procedure :
1. Make paper cutting of crown with face out line including chutti.
2. Cut the rolled clay into the shape with the help of blade and paper cutting.
3. Using face mould mould a face.
4. Attach face to the base.
5. Attach the crown.
6. Design the crown.
7. Attach the 3 beads on two sides of the face.
8. Design the beads.
9. Attach a hanging bead or many on the chutti. Attach hooks.
10. Gently mark the eye brow and the forehead for the facial make up.

Dry, fire ,paint ,string and wear .