How to make sunflower from a plastic bottle

Sunflower from a plastic bottle: 

sunflower from a plastic bottle

Our present instructions for creating products from plastic bottles is a great idea to use it for garden or home with an adjacent plot of land.

If your summer cottage growing lawn highlight part of a field of bright sunflowers, made with his own hands. We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised at how transformed your yard after you have landed him two dozen of these beautiful flowers, and your guests will admire and ask you to give a master class on their production.

Materials needed (to create a sunflower):
Three plastic bottles of water or other beverages;

Acrylic colors (yellow, green and brown);

Brush paint;

Black marker;

Finishing knife or scissors;

Melt with hot glue;

Bamboo sticks for plants Garters (cheaper to buy a package at once).

How to make plastic bottles of sunflower – step by step instructions with photos

1. Carefully remove all labels from the bottles. We also removed the plastic ring with the neck of the bottles, but this procedure is not obligatory.

sunflower from a plastic bottle

2. Cut off the bottom of one of the bottles. Try to do it on the bottom line of the transverse recess so the cut will be more accurate. Perhaps in the future you will need a little more to shorten the bottle.

3. Use the black marker to draw small dots on the inside of the cut from the bottom of the bottle. In the future it will be the center of your sunflower.

sunflower from a plastic bottle

4. Two color the entire bottle of acrylic paint yellow. The third bottle, which you cut off the base, paint the green. Paint the outside of the bottle base, on which you drew earlier point, brown. We stained all in two layers and after the application of the final layer parts left overnight to dry completely.

sunflower from a plastic bottle

sunflower from a plastic bottle

5. Cut the base from bottles, painted in yellow color.

6. Next, you need to cut the wall of each bottle to 12 narrow strips (this will be a sunflower petals and leaves). 3,5-4sm leave uncut upper parts of the bottles. To get the same 12 strips the width of the easiest to first cut the bottle into two parts, each of them more into two parts, separating the bottle in such a way on the quarter. Every quarter, cut another 3 parts. Slightly bend each strip towards the outside in order to “solve” a flower.

sunflower from a plastic bottle

7. Sharpen the outer edges of the strips so that they are even more like the petals of a sunflower. For this trim their edges.

8. Now you have to put all three parts of the flower in one unit: first green part, then two yellow. Use Melt with hot glue to fix the details of the product. Apply the adhesive to be nested necks of bottles, the adhesive was not visible from the outside.

sunflower from a plastic bottle

9. Carefully Glue a brown core in the center of the resulting flower.

10. Finally, place a bamboo stick to the bottom of the flower (in the bottom of the neck of the bottle) and paste it in using Melt.

One sunflower ready. Similarly, you can make as many flowers as you want. Decorate them your garden, lawn or flower bed under the window. Additionally, you can find and watch the video workshop on the creation of sunflowers from plastic bottles.

sunflower from a plastic bottle

Since the creation of even a single flower takes at least a day (including drying time of paint), you can do sunflowers (and other colors) in the winter gradually, as the appearance of empty bottles and the free time, and with the onset of warm weather “land” on a holiday or land adjacent to the house once a large number of colorful paintings hand-made-plants.

A full list of all the possible colors that can be done with his own hands from plastic bottles, look at this page.