old tire usage – Learn how to make vase from old tires


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old tire usage:

How to make vase from old tires

With the arrival of spring, many gardeners tend to the improvement of its garden site. Attempts to create a wonderful garden and repeatable lead to new design solutions, while often using improvised materials.

For the manufacture of vases for a flower bed, we need an old car tire. Of course, you can do the tire, but the bowl rim looks much nicer.

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The first step is to put a figure on the tire, which is made of cut-out with a sharp knife. The pattern may have a wave shape, scale, spikes, etc.

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After the cut pattern around the circumference of the tire wrenched it to the wrong side. This does not have to make a small effortvase (2) After the procedure done, the vase will have a smooth surface, because no matter how worn wheels everything else outside, inside it is like new.old tire usage To give a more aesthetic appearance, it recommended posit vase.vase (4) It remains only to set the vase on Feng Shui :)) And your garden will acquire an entirely new look.vase (5)

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