Monkey from satin ribbon

Monkey from satin ribbon

Monkey from satin ribbon

And now we’ll learn how to make a cute monkey from satin ribbon


For the manufacture of monkeys need:
* Satin Ribbon 0.6mm. pink and brown.
* Satin ribbon 5 cm. 5 sm.krasnogo, brown and pink.
* satin ribbon 4 cm. 4 cm. of brown.
* Felt color on request.
* Clay optional.

A method of making a monkey:
First, we need to prepare separate Circuits and only then we are going to connect them. The photograph numbered well written and illustrated what Circuits doing and why. For manufacturing of legs and arms, using a satin tape pink brown color and a width of 0.6 mm. and 35 cm long. Putting her accordion and tightens up to 4 cm. Top strung pink blank. So we do all the blanks that are described in the picture. For making faces, we do with you round billets. But the manufacture of circular lobes have one little secret. Once you have made ​​the round petals faces – again cut away the tip and “dilute” the ends in opposite directions. Presses the forceps and singe – then the tip is flat and wide))). A rose petal cut the stronger – from the tip somewhere 5 mm. back down, that he may have not played much.


Then we glue you together a felt blank, glue the legs and tail. Then we stuck at it legs and tail, and the hands should just be secured, and on the basis of the felt is not fixed.


Handles can be distributed in different directions.


Ready glue tabs in place. Pink is turned off in the hands of an accordion in a spiral and glued to the center of the abdomen. And around a pink glue brown accordion.


Take petal pink round and glue it to the glue as shown by the author. Clay smear on the tip, and the bottom is left free.


Around the pink petals glue brown accordion.

8 (1)

Raise rose petal and stick a little under a red double round petal. Clay also be applied to the tip of the petals.


Further rises again rose petal and stick it under the inside-brown. The muzzle monkeys ready to have remained glued eyes.


Glue eyes ready at the right place for us.


If you think that the monkey is not so fluffy, you can make one more brown accordion 15 cm. Waist her up to 1.5 cm. And stick to the right place for us. Everything, from the satin ribbon monkey ready.