Mother and daughter matching outfits for wedding party

Mother and daughter matching outfits

Daughters are a prized possession. They are the cutest little angel who can ever come into your life. Having a daughter is the brightest blessings and every moment spent with her is quite memorable for her mother. Apart from all the things that the mother and daughter do together, there is no doubt about the fact that dressing up there cute little angels is what brings them ultimate joy and pleasure. And today in this article we are going to show you some amazing ways in which you can match outfits with your daughters and flaunt that unconditional love to the world.

Mothers have always been a source of inspiration for their daughters. Everything they do intrigues and interests their daughters in a million ways and they always look forward to being like their mothers. Dressing up in matching outfits with your daughter will not only add fun to your day but will also be a stunner idea for parties and ceremonies. Be it a traditional outfit or a party where it will be great to flaunt it with your daughters. The entire outfit needs not to be similar but similar patterns, shades, fabrics, and designs can look exquisite.

So if you are proud to be a mother to a daughter then here we have 18 mother & daughter matching outfits which will enable you to flaunt that amazing compatibility and love between you two. Not only that they look absolutely mesmerizing and adorable. So without much further ado let’s begin.


Mother & daughter matching outfits
1. Matching bandhani saree for mother & daughter

Matching Outfits

Want your daughter to look the mini version of you? Then here you go. Here we have both the mother and daughter wearing the same outfit which is a bandhani saree. Not only that they have the same makeup and accessories. To top it all the daughter is even copying the way her mother poses for the photoshoot. They are looking absolutely adorable and you are bound to force a smile when you look at this.

2. Matching embroidered outfits for the wedding party

Matching Outfits

Look at the little princess on her mother’s lap. She looks absolutely cute and adorable in a similar outfit to her mother. Both of them are wearing a metallic lehenga with golden embroidery at the bottom. The mother also has an embroidered blouse to go with it. They are also wearing Matha Patti and the mother is wearing a matching neckpiece to go with it all. Overall this is a cute look for both the mother and the daughter.

3. Matching sequinned Party Wear

Matching Outfits

Making your daughter wear a similar outfit to you just in a different silhouette looks quite exquisite. Here we have the mother wearing a floral embroidered net saree with a black sequinned blouse. The daughter wears a similar fabric just in her cute little dress. She has her top part covering the sequins and the bottom part is of the floral embroidered net fabric. The mother has kept her hair and makeup quite natural to compliment her daughter. And the daughter is enhancing her pretty face with a cute little bow headband.

4. Matching outfit in Pink for Family Function

Matching Outfits

Another idea to wear matching outfits is to wear dresses of the same colour pallet. Here we have the mother wearing a rosy pink outfit with floral embroidery and some embellishments all over it. To lair with it she is wearing a matching elbow length blouse with sheer sleeves and a similar floral embroidery on the sleeves. As for the daughter she is wearing a similar coloured gown with the same sheer and embroidery pattern on the top half. The bottom half has similar embellishments. All in a pretty coordinated outfit idea.

5. Matching salwar suit for traditional look

Matching Outfits

Here we have the mother and daughter wearing the exact same outfit. And we must admit they not only look gorgeous but absolutely adorable as well. The mother is wearing a red kurta mad salwar with golden circular patterns all over it. She completed her look with beige printed dupatta. The daughter is wearing a similar red kurta with a similar pattern while she is wearing a beige bottom and has red dupatta. They look different yet synched in their own ways.

6. Matching lehenga for mother and daughter

Matching Outfits

We grow up looking at our mothers and looking exactly like her someday is every girl’s dream. Every girl wishes to wear her mother’s outfit when she grows up. But why wait when you can copy your mother right now. Look at the image here. Here we have the mother and daughter wearing the exact similar outfit. They are wearing a bluish-green embroidered and sequined lehenga with a blue velvet crop top. For dupatta, the daughter is having a blue dupatta while the mother is having a bluish-green dupatta. They even have the matching tassels hanging from their skirt.

7. Colour coordinated traditional outfits

Matching Outfits

Picking up one colour from your mother’s outfit and wearing it in your own outfit is quite interesting. Here we have the mother wearing a red saree with slight embroidery on it with a hint of blue. To complete the outfit they paired their saree with blue embroidered blouse with a hint of pink. For the daughters, they are wearing blue dresses with a hint of pink in the top half along with some embroidery. Cute and coordinated.

8. Mother & Daughter in traditional saree look

Matching Outfits

If you think your daughter is too young to wear a saree then why not make her wear something else but in the same colour. Confused? Here we have something for you. The mother is wearing a green saree with an orange pallu and a red heavily embroidered blouse. While the daughter is wearing a lehenga with a green skirt with golden print on it with a red top and an orange dupatta. Wearing different but still managed to look the same.

9. Pink matching outfit for mother and daughter

Matching Outfits

Pastel colours are quite the trend lately and it is very summer appropriate. Partnering with this colour for your mother-daughter photoshoot idea is pretty cute. Here we have the mother wearing a saree of the pastel pink colour with some floral embroidery on it. She paired it with a matching blouse. As for the daughter, she is looking ultra adorable in her pastel pink gown with similar embroidery on it. Looking super cute together.

10. Yellow mother & daughter matching outfits for Party

Matching Outfits

Yellow is another colour which screams summer. And remains it up for your photoshoot is a great idea. Here we have the mother wearing a lehenga of the vibrant yellow colour. She has sequins all over her lehenga. She paired her skirt with a back cutout high neck embellished blouse with sheer sleeves. To match her mother the daughter is wearing a similar yellow coloured gown. Holding hands with her mother and looking up at her for inspiration is pretty emotional.

11. Sky blue matching outfits for daughter and mother

Matching Outfits

This photo depicts the true mother-daughter relationship, to be honest. The face of the daughter is something you cannot miss out on. But coming back to the outfits we have the mother wearing a deep blue saree with three circular embroideries on her saree. To pair with it she is wearing a light blue blouse with cutouts and some prints. The daughter is wearing both the colours in her dress. For the top half, she has a deep blue colour and for the bottom half, she has a light blue colour with a similar print.

12. Matching gown for both ladies!

Matching Outfits

Wearing the exact same outfit as the mother is pretty interesting. Here we have both the mother and daughter wearing a similar pink colour gown with a white top part with some prints and embroideries. The only difference is the sleeves. The daughter has sleeveless while the mother has sheer sleeves. The smile of the daughter is what steals the entire show. Super cute and adorable.

13. Mother & daughter matching outfits in black

Matching Outfits

Black is the heart of each and every occasion. Being such a universal colour no list is complete without mentioning at least one outfit from it. Here we have the mother and daughter wearing a black gown. Both of the gowns are tiered and it has black and pink threadwork thing going on at the top. Holding her daughter’s hand while she is just learning to walk is a super emotional moment which you would definitely want to capture and keep it as memories.

14. Matching in brown with live smile

Matching Outfits

Just wearing the same outfit is not enough bit losing exactly as your mother is also an essential element when you are going for mother-daughter photoshoot idea. Here we have both of them dressed in brown. While the daughter is wearing an adorable brown dress with floral embroidery on it. The mother is wearing a brown full-length gown with a jacket style of sheer floral embroidery on it. Both of them are holding the corners of their dress while posing. We must admit they look super adorable.

15. Embellished matching outfit for mother and cute daughter

Matching Outfits

Here we have the mother and daughter wearing green and aqua blue as their colours for the photoshoot. The mother is wearing an embellished green kurta with blue dupatta. While the daughter is wearing a dress with a mixture of both these colours. The floral headband of the daughter in a similar hue only makes the photo prettier.

16. Matching in orange ethnic wear

Matching Outfits

The mother and daughter look mesmerising in the orange Anarkali suits. Both of their outfits have similar applique details and both of them look absolutely amazing in the vibrant colour. Posing with your mother wearing the same outfit as her is a dream come true. So do not forget to capture this moment and make it into a memory.

17. Lovely pink mother & daughter matching outfits

Matching Outfits

Talking about the cute photoshoot ideas how can miss out on pink. Pink is such a cute and adorable colour that it has the power of making any photo cute and lovely. And when we have the mother and daughter wearing pink while they are posing for their mother-daughter photoshoot is simply adorable. Both of them are wearing pink gowns with certain embellishments on it. They look super cute together while holding each other’s hands.

18. Combo of Green and black for mother and daughter

Matching Outfits

We have saved the best for the last. Here we have an absolutely lovely mother and daughter together who are wearing the same colours. The mother is wearing a black kurta with golden zari work on the sleeves. She paired it with green and golden printed salwar and a green card work dupatta. As for the daughter, she is wearing a green and golden printed kurta with black at the bottom and black dupatta. What makes the photo surprisingly adorable is the floral headband of the baby and her heartwarming smile.

That was all for this article on mother & daughter matching outfits. So if you are looking for some fun ideas to make memories with your daughters then try these. Daughters are amazing they can brighten your day and life in so many ways.

courtesy: k4fashion

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