Needle bed

Needle bed

Needle bed

Somehow, looking round container of melted cheese “Hochland” I had the idea to use this neat little box to create a needle bed. Since work began on the transformation of the packaging for cheese in the “Tsvetik-mnogotsvetik.”

To begin, I papered bright orange with felt sides boxes.


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Bottom disguised pale pink.


According to the pattern of different colors of felt sewed the required number of petals.



Inside the box I put sintepon (slightly compacted and slightly heaped), covered it with felt green felt and sewed to the Deck. In the same way to attach to the bottom of the green flower petals. For more elegance adorned needle bar down, sequins, beads and beads.

That’s fun, easy and inexpensively in my house there was “Tsvetik-mnogotsvetik.” Secretly I tell you that all my previous works – the needle bar purchased new homes, but I will not buy. “Tsvetik-mnogotsvetik” will help me in the sewing work. The design of the needle bed to host the “flower” set of needles and pins, grouping them in certain places you on the desired feature (just what I deserve!).

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