Sew tack

Sew tack

Sew tack



Well, because the girl asked the craft, then show you how to sew from their example.

We select fabric – red and green. Green needed just a little bit. Also the underlying tissue is necessary for tissue lining (took too red, but monotonous, which has long been lying idle), pad (I have a special heat-resistant, but we can take something else that you normally use to tack) and a small piece of the finished inlay or narrow ribbon. Make a pattern, although it is quite possible to do without it, but it clearly shows all the nuances. Building a semi-circle with a radius of 4 Yingchao. Marks the center (point A). The diameter of the semicircle porvodim another line at a distance of 1/4 “(seam allowance, it can change your desire). This line is required, otherwise turn out potholders skewed !!!!




have strawberries, then you need to give them a real kind. I can not draw,
therefore I spent two additional range to the eye and turned the


We put
the pattern to the wrong side of the fabric and cut parts with small
margins. Here, the accuracy is not needed, if only a small margin was
then align the edges after the stitches.


Be sure to mark the edge of the leaves!


Now he ponytail. The item should be cutting out the red line with the allowance of the same !!!



I put her on the tail bumagu.Nakladyvaem out the application on the berry, it does not forget the edges of leaves combine with labels. I walked part applicator seam.


You can do otherwise and simpler without Applique paper. . For example, to attach the tail to
cheesecake, around its perimeter small stitches, stepping back from the edge of
2-3mm, and then he razmahrit edge toothbrush.
Fold sandwich and stegaem.Otgladit! And we begin to give details of the desired shape and size. First we leveled straight cut.


From the center lay off 1/4 “(width allowance) and set point. The set point intended tsyrkulya leg and hold a half-circle with a radius of 4 “. kovnyaem scissors detail on the planned line. The result is such a neat Circuits. Can all these manipulations do not perform as well just make a pattern and circle. Then who I like more. For edging finished wide Bakey I did not find matching colors, so she made ​​it out of the fabric, cut strips on the bias !!! width of 2.5 “. sew the strip to the underside of the workpiece. In the beginning and in the end I cut off corners on the inner side inlay to slightly reduce the slice thickness.





Now we are working iron. Bakey turned away toward slices otglazhivaem with stripping. Okantovyvayut, laid her on the face with the aid of the Iron. Where it is necessary to tighten utyuzhok where necessary – sutyuzhit. For hedging, you can use a pin or baste.


Direct or stitched decorative seams. If you like to sew by hand Bakey, then sew it to the front of and on the wrong side arms are filed. Inlay sewn, extra tails cut off. Fold in half a semicircle, inserted at the corner of a piece of lace or inlay (I have 3.5 “), folded in half, and connect the last seam. Slightly cut off he area. We go around the cut thick zig-zag. gut-wrenching. Done!







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