Newspaper wall hanging for Diwali decoration.

Newspaper wall hanging for diwali decoration

Hai friends…..

Want to make your walls alive…??? Try this…

This is an easy method of making wall hangings with the materials easily available in your surroundings. This is not only meant for a festival season, but also to keep your home live and colourful. 

Raw materials we need for this are newspaper, scissors, ice cream sticks (two types), paint brush, ribbon, acrylic colour and glue.

Make news paper sticks by rolling newspaper on the paint brush. Fix its end and roll it. Fix it too. Size of the roll may vary according to your wish. Here I have made 3 big rolls of 3 inches and 26 small rolls of 1 inch. Colour the rolls with acrylic colours. Colour the ice cream sticks too. 

Fix the small rolls on the big rolls with the glue and let it dry for atleast 2-3 hours. Fix the designs together to make the hanging. Fix the ice cream stick behind the design as a back bone to it. It will help the hanging to stay together from parting. Now paste the small ice cream sticks just like petals to the flower design made with the rolls. Paste the ribbon as hanging. Small mirror pieces can be fixed for decorating the hanging ( it’s optional). 

Your beautiful wall hanging is now ready to decorate your walls. Hope you all will enjoy making the Newspaper wall hanging for Diwali decoration..



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