paper flower or snowflake lacy miracle

That’s another paper flower ready for a new job. Collect it turns per hour on a teaspoon, because little son does not do anything. We have to do late at night when he was asleep. But during the day I have to think carefully about what I want to do, and often come up with something new. That such flourishes still no one could see, here and decided to share with you how I do it.


Initially there were 3 options. Perhaps they will be useful))) I stopped at the third.


So. Whorls made from a single strip. All the curls I spins clockwise. The first will curl in a single layer. It will be on the right side bottom row (indicated by arrow). Fold the loop for the next curl.


Next will be the lower curl. He had obtained a double. All stripes divide into roughly the same for the other loops curls.


Then twist the curls in turn: to the left, then right.


6 7

Last curl will be at the top of the central. Glue the tip of the strip (shown by arrow). Spreads curls and paste it into their petals fringing.


Putting flowers.


And now he is ready, my favorite