How to make easy ribbon hairstyles

ribbon hairstyles

How to make easy ribbon hairstyles

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Taking the hair in a ponytail and decorate ribbon, which is under the tail tied in a knot.

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tail divide into three strands + tape. I sharpen your attention that the rightmost strand will always be superimposed on top of it and we will apply the tape !!! leftmost strand will always start at the bottom and under it lay a tape !!!

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we start the tape (I have it double) for middle strand

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rightmost strand we place it on top and tape

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leftmost strand plant near the bottom and under her belt

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right at the top and lock on her tape

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the left strand under the bottom and under her belt

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alternating between point 7 and 8 we get here is weaving

hairstyles (10)

Who has long hair, braid it turns spectacular

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plaiting on the head with the pickup of loose hair ribbon tying for a small hair pryadochku, which will lay on top of 3 strands and start weaving

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who not very long hair, you can achieve the effect like this

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