Replace beads on a plastic bottle

Replace beads on a plastic bottle

It is necessary to begin with a bottle cut into pieces. I have helped in this case, punch and nail clippers. In principle, the work piece can be any shape, but I’m thinking round.



Each piece needle pierces (awl) and gently heated over a fire. The main thing is not to overdo it and stop in time! Your first piece of plastic will begin to change shape and flex, which is what we want, but if you hold too long, it starts to boil and firmly adheres to the needle, and if you hold even longer, then burn or turn into a droplet and run away.


Get something that’s that. I really liked the unpredictability of the final form and waviness.


First, did the piece after already collected on the wire. But after I decided to try to speed up the work.


Stumble holes in the blanks immediately brought them to the wire and brought it straight on to the fire.


In this there is little subtlety, it is necessary to start to warm gradually moving from the toes to the edge of the wire (if you look at this picture, then moving from left to right), then you will have no desire at some point to intercept the other end branches (because he HOT).


Everything turned out. Here everyone can decide for yourself how convenient, warm one Circuits or build a twig and heat all at once.


And here is the first twigs for trees !!! Hurrah!