Book stand from waste bottle

Book stand

Book stand from waste bottle



You have to know that my children make a great effort in order to keep the books (in fact even the games, but that’s another story …).
Even if they settle on a daily basis (or almost), well sorted in order of height on their shelf, they tend to slip …
Moreover, I noticed that when children defer place a book after reading it, they can not move well the various books to make us feel that to be reordered, but leaning over the other; perhaps for convenience and for fear that by moving one, falling down all the others …
With this result … at best !!!!


Paint for painting the axis ( optional ); – empty bottles of detergent in sufficient numbers to occupy the available surface; – Marker indelible – scissors ; – Screws 1.5 cm long (two screws for each bottle); – Screwdriver ; – Tool to drill (drill type belt or Crop-A-Dile ); – metal eyelets ; – pliers eyelets ; – felts ; The process is this: 1) With the marker, draw the outline of library on the bottle (clean and dry), and crop .


2) Paint the axis with the color that you like ( optional ). 3) Place the bottles on the axis, making them adhere well to each other.


4) Screw the vials with two screws for each, to the two extremities of the base.
To be certain of maintaining the same margin on both sides of the axis (in the case that the bottles do not occupy the entire width of the base), it is preferable to start to screw the central bottles.



5) Once all the bottles have been set, drill the holes as in the picture below: a hole in the top and one at mid-height .


Caution : the two walls at the extremities left and right (those remaining individual) should not be punctured (see photo above).


To pierce the bottles adjacent the same point, just drill the hole at the same time, holding together the two plastic parts with your fingers. 6) With the proper tool to apply the metal eyelets to join together the walls of the bottles adjacent.



7) Apply the pads on the sides and below the axis. That’s it! The library is ready, and the books are finally in order … And my son has already told me that I had a good idea !!! 🙂