How to sew a frill “heart”

How to sew a frill “heart”

Each folk costume has its own characteristics and distinctive features. As a rule, the main differences relate to decorative elements – embroidery, finishing ribbons, beading, etc. Frill “Heart” – a traditional way of handling cutouts Bavarian folk costumes, which we are now “borrow”.


The original decor lets refresh boring outfit or to turn a modest in elegant dress with ruffles. Decorate clothing daughter ribbons of tender hearts, and the phrase “I do not want to wear it!” You will not hear!


Crochet lace ruffles on the shoulder not every skilled workers, and how to sew a frill “Hearts” – understand even novice needlewoman. The basis of the original decoration is the bias binding, which can be purchased at the store or make your own out of fabric left over from sewing products (thin cloth should be folded in half). You can also use ready-made tape with a hard edge. When choosing a tape or inlay preparation should be aware that the workpiece to be 1.5 times larger and 2.5 times longer than the required size of the finished edging. If it is impossible to carve out a single piece, it is possible to connect several units in one lane.

Operating procedure:

Bakey 1. Fold so that its edge came at each other 0.5 cm, and fix their suture “goat” (make sure that “grab” only one layer of the tape). Tape with a hard edge to fold is not necessary.


2. Make the layout of punctures on the front side as follows:


3. Using thread in two additions, we introduce a needle in points 1 and 2.


4. tighten and fix additional horizontal stitch.


5. Insert the needle at the point 3, pass it under the horizontal stitches and enter the next point 3.


6. Tighten the thread, creating a “heart” and lock.


By repeating the above steps will frill “Heart”, which is as follows:


Now that you know how to sew a frill of bias binding tape or with their hands! Ready decor can decorate neckline, cuffs and hem of the skirt – dress with a frill trim and acquire a festive look.

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