Sewing children’s trousers in daddy’s shirt

Sewing children’s trousers in daddy’s shirt

Every mother knows how to quietly and quickly growing kids. Until recently, your baby is sitting in a playpen or stroller and went by the handle, and now runs a small uraganchik own site for jumping in puddles and tries to touch everything in the world. Kid do not care that he can make oneself dirty in the sandbox after yesterday’s rain – he wants to mold mud pies, preferably by hand. And if the child until the year is quite enough a few pairs of pants, the child of two to five years of pants does not happen much.


Since all children’s pants are purchased for one season, and the beautiful children’s clothing is quite expensive, many mothers are thinking how to sew children’s pants themselves. I liked the original is such a model.


For fashion pants not have to buy fabric – Today I will tell you how to sew children’s trousers in daddy’s shirt sleeves unnecessary.


Pattern children’s pants in this case we do not need (panties take any suitable size and sew on them), and in fact do need to find a suitable pattern or size often confuses novice seamstresses.


For sewing pants we will need:
– knickers relief pattern;
– shirt (ideally jeans, but for summer pants can be used and shirts from other tissues);
– adhesive interlining;
– scissors
– razor blades;
– the thread;
– needle;
– sewing machine;
– a marker;
– pins;
– buttons of contrasting colors;
– elastic waist.



First, we decompose the table ironed shirt and using a razor blade to carefully unpick the part of the cuff, where the fold – our pants should be no frills along the bottom edge.


Straightens the arm and removes creases. Similarly ripped cuff on the second sleeve.

8 (1)

We take our baby ready panties and impose one of the pant legs on the sleeves, combining their bottom.


We fix the details of pins and retreated from the edge of leg 0.5 cm, depicts the front part of the first leg, and then back. We cut out parts.


Now we put a cut of the future in the second sleeve pants and cut out the second leg. Cropped excess fabric and sew along the bottom edge of the leg cuffs otporotye.


Then we need to insert one arm to the other so that the leg coincided with each other face to face.


Sew on the sewing machine parts on the upper edge of one line (pictured place lines marked by a black line). Overcast edges or treat them seam “zigzag”.


Of the remaining part of the sleeves cut out two identical pockets. Also cut out two squares of the same dimensions of the nonwoven. Impose denim squares on fleece and form a crease along the top edge, fixing them with pins. With the help of iron sticking to the fleece pockets, and then back down a few centimeters from the top of the front of the pocket and make small slits. Then going to fold the bottom of the pockets and folds fix pins.


We note (symmetrically) on the pants location of pockets and sew them.


Now, stepping back from the edge of a few centimeters, we have to bend the upper part of the pants. Do not forget to leave an opening for the gum, which we put in the pants by a safety pin. Sew up the hole. It remains to decorate the product with bright buttons, pants and children’s ready!


We sew buttons to the pockets and in the locations of the buttons of his shirt. Now that you know how to sew children’s pants sleeveless shirt you do not need, so easily can create a collection of children’s summer pants.