The box is made of plastic bottles

The box is made of plastic bottles


For boxes need:

1. 8 identical plastic bottles.
2. Thread the two colors for the binding and binding. (Thread can be any: floss, wool, iris ….)
for this casket, I dissolved the old woolen scarf.
3. Hook scissors.
4. Glue “Moment” and something for decoration.


1. Cut out the eight middle of a bottle (one size).


2. All Templates rumpled and well-iron edge.
For the base we need 5 pieces.
Since we turned rectangles, we need to adjust the boxes of the two sides to fit.
We note, and cut off the excess.


3. For the cover we need 3 of the workpiece.
Two of them cut in half, turned 4 long rectangles. (Cover side)
Just as in paragraph 2 are two sides to fit the size.


4. Now all harvested sides of the circle, using a hole punch, make a hole.


5. binds all the details:
strapped to the base side of the bars without nakida (three large and two small)
Cover the sides strapped columns with one nakida (one large and four halves)


6.different colour bind the parties to each other.


7. Bind the bottoms to the sides, and tied at the edges.


8. Almost everything is ready, it remains only to decorate the cover of the box.

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According to this principle can be made and big boxes if bed plate and each side will be linked from multiple bottle preforms.



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