The bubble ruffle Tu-Tu

The bubble ruffle Tu-Tu

The bubble ruffle Tu-Tu


This skirt looks like it might be complicated and require a lot of sewing skills, but it is not. Anyone can make this skirt. You can divide this skirt into 4 main steps:


Here’s what you need:

  • fabric base.
  • Fatin or nylon chiffon.
  • Elastic waist.


1. cut out base-sun.


2-circle skirt with ruffles and more – it’s very cumbersome, so cut out of the sun. Sew the skirt on the received edges.


3. Next cut tulle into strips 5-8 cm. Take a strip of tulle, a little fold and fasten the skirt.


4. Then, about 5 cm below, turn the material over and over again tack. Repeat this step in random order until you close the entire skirt.


5. This is what it looks like after the wrong side of a strip of tulle sewn. As you can see, you need a lot of tulle. Although you will sew at random there is no need to sew and to stop sewing and stop.

8 (1)

6. A faster way to make frills: put the band on the substrate, and a zigzag stitch in the middle. So it will be faster, but you need to make sure that you have filled in all the blanks next to him.


7. Leave about a centimeter or two at the waist to attach a rubber band. 8. Air skirt ready!