Building Made of Matches

How to make a house with matchsticks


His buildings tend to do in a scale of 1:50. Those. length of matches corresponds to 2 m, and thickness – 10 cm. Pretty small parts on this scale can be visualized and the pattern of the house is also made at this scale. You can print better on heavier paper, such as sheets of “Drawing Folders”. And even better – to make the pattern of thin cardboard (for those who will do so, I put down the sizes). Its a pattern I made from a gray cover from the col stack. paper. I did a windows only on one side the house, who wants to can still to finish. I was the most important thing – to show how to make a window.


My tools :
1). Nippers to trim the claws of the dogs. This is my main instrument. Click and qualitative slice ready. Even bite angle. And I advise you to get in vetapteke.
But if you’re used to a different instrument – use on health, as long as you are comfortable to work with.
2). Paper knife I use if I need to sostrogat match on the cone.
3) .Nebolshoy bottle from under the PVA (50 – 100 ml), with a thin nose. Clay nanoshu directly from the vial. You can glue and PVA, but I use wood glue. It is more dense (less warps paper), to quickly grasp, and glues stronger.


Matches must necessarily be calibrated: clamp head matches thumb and index finger, and look from the end – the curves, rhombic, triangular, etc. are removed.. They will be useful in the kitchen. Approximately half of matches leaving the marriage.


8 – 10 matches without heads stuck on the paper (later the door). While the glue dries, cut out the pattern of the first floor. The window opening cut out by 1 mm larger door – size. The door and the window can not cut, then match the door pasted vertically on the outside, and the window it is necessary to paint in black (or dark blue temnofioletovy) color.


I glue together the pattern of the first floor, pasted inside the floor. Dried door trimmed and pasted on the inside as well.


Cut floor veranda and start pasting matches. Necessarily it is necessary after each series to give a few minutes to match stuck to. Usually, during this time I read 2-3 leaves from the book. To speed the work glue squeeze out a thin strip from the vial. Try to keep the joints in adjacent rows of matches did not match. Having finished one side, turn over work and pasted matches perpendicular to the first side. This is done in order to, firstly, not warped veranda floor, and secondly to cover the paper on which pasted. And so the spacecraft veranda and balcony are the same, you can just stick a match, and a balcony.
It is best not to hurry and leave the porch and balcony to dry well under load (I use a stack of books) till the morning.


The first floor ceiling and floor glue glue on the floor veranda. We begin the first row of stick matches. You can head matches bite and make a wall in Swallow’s nest, but I prefer the corners like a mill.


After the 1st row prisoh (I had read the book from 2-3 leaves), I begin to glue the 2nd row. Note: heads of matches in the second row facing the other storonu.Tak and we will do the series, only it is necessary to give each row time, so he bit prisoh.


In the 3rd row, when we come to the door, we are missing a piece of the match. We put the whole match, pencil mark, bite off a piece and glue it.


We proceed similarly in the other edge of the door.


So building up row after row, did not reach a thickness of about 1 second to match the window opening. It is necessary to glaze a window. Now organizations come from a letter in which a window for the address pasted over the film. This film is well glued on the glue, and to her I “glass” windows.


We would like the series to the top of the first floor. Sorry, accidentally erased photos with window openings (no frames). Mark up and insert the frame and the door trim. Do not forget to glue the sill and door handle.


SECOND FLOOR. Cut and glue the blank 2nd floor, glue in the floor. I decided to make the second floor of a large window and the door ajar. For doors take 7-8 matches 35 mm long and glue the door of the 1st floor. Then pasting it from the inside angle. And not to be warped wall, inside pasting a match to the window opening.


On the first floor balcony glue, and on the second floor it (do not forget to stick to the second floor ceiling!). I almost forgot: when parts are to better pasted, you must press down some weight. This already tired of glue, can the 2nd floor is not glued, but wait until we start to do the roof and get one-story house.


But those who liked to glue, able of these modules to build a multi-storey apartment building mnogopodezdny.


The second floor is done in the same way as the first.


Who is to say that I do not have stocks? I started to glue the gable roof and it turned out that it is small: by making the pattern, I did not realize that the wall is increased by the thickness of the two matches. Here are the correct size and gable roof. Make new, please.


Glue the roof gables and begin to hang their matches. The difficulty is that the match will have to be cut at an angle.


In this house, I’m going to do the roof, as in all their houses – I like such roofs. TK on the roof of a lot of the same elements, then I have them pre-cut and then pasting.


Those who will make a tiled roof (as in the photo Misha and Julia), note that the heads of matches the thickness of matches, so the matches will be glued to the cone. And that was not so, that the tiles on the roof pasted arc, you will need to insert the cone of matches between adjacent elements.


In order not to be visible under the roof paper, pasted matches.


Such a balcony railing, as in the photo number 1, I can do, but start to deal with it is almost no chance. Therefore, balcony railings offer to make a simplified version -. See my house-castle. While the matches dry on the veranda, you can lay a row of the balcony. Make a 7-series.


There was the most laborious work: accurate fit and glue without distortions columns on the porch and my home is ready. However, I have a stool and steps added


After I loaded the MC, any questions about the matches themselves. Looking at my work, I can give the impression that I make them of the ideal matches and I cut a perfect series. This is another piece of the wall close-up work before I closed up all the flaws of his work. As you can see, I do not have perfect match and the series. You have to paste and wedges and plug the gap of match splinters and chips.


Square well.


1. Cut the paper square 40×40 mm.
2. On the edge of the pasted match (sulfur head looking in the same direction).
3. Next number is pasted (head matches look in the opposite direction). So do 7-8 series.


Glue is better to put out a small vial with a thin nose. Try to put a little glue, t. To. The excess glue can get out and smeared the match. Allow to dry for each row, before pasting the following.


With 2 sides glue columns, each of the 3 matches.


To make more of the same pieces, align the ends of matches, and on the other end cut off at the sample.


To a knife to cut a lot of pieces, it takes a long time. I nibble blank clippers for trimming claws in dogs: safe and ready. A sandpaper glued to a small reechku (one side is shallow, on the other – bigger). It is very convenient to use.


Making the drum gate:
1. To cut in half the match and pasted to another – it will be the axis.
2-3. Glued around the axes of the match.


Sandpaper to grind the drum, making it round.34

Insert drum in place and paste it on top of slices of matches that they played a little bit.

From 2 pieces of matches do an imitation of the handle.


From construction paper cut out the roof, on the edge of the fold line holding the knife to the fold was crisp. Cut the bars for the roof 2 sizes.


Bend the roof at a right angle and begin to hang the roof, in the same way as the well itself: one of a number of heads of matches look in one direction, in the next – in the other.


Smear glue glue the top of the columns and the roof. Some may say that the well turned out too wide or smallish. I agree, it would be possible to change the size, but it would have to match or decrease or increase the match, which would complicate the work. I believe that for the first time, if someone does – it will be a great result.


Round well.


Thick paper is cut from the workpiece a ring of glue, and then glue in the bottom.


Insert match. Measure out. Cut off. On it cut into a whole bunch of identical pieces.


Wallpapers ring inside and outside.


After the ring is dry, it can be sanded and stick bars. They are exactly the same as the square of the well, and the doors and the roof, so I will not repeat.


The only innovation that can offer – it is instead one of the axes of the handle to insert the wire, then the drum is spinning.


Summer Cottage … … Well what a cottage without Slavkov table under the tree? Today, and we will do.


To shop on paper pasted 4-5 matches, and for table vykleivaem square or rectangle (to a table more to their liking). Once the glue is dry, cut the paper and fine tuning.


Overturn. To chop shops po3-4 blanks for each leg and paste a column on each other. And on the cover of the table in 2 rows paste the square (or rectangular). Dried, glue in the legs at the corners.


If desired, you can make and this version of the table.


Bonus – a shovel. Well, as without it, darling, at the cottage? Make simple: a pair of pieces glued on the sides and 2 rounded corners.


Thinking you can make and other tools.


Creative success to you all!