Crafts from wire and nail polish

Crafts from wire and nail polish

Crafts from wire and nail polish


This article focuses on an interesting technique used to make various decorative objects for which you do not need anything other than the wire and the thickened nail polish !

Is not it very attractive: no extra expenses! Wire sure there will almost every home (besides, it is necessary not so much), well thickened nail – is that there is every fashionista, and certainly not in the singular copy. Are these unnecessary things simple and you can do something original?

Yes, wire and nail polish can be a source of countless souvenirs, jewelry (pendants, earrings), they can decorate cards , wrapped gifts , home for the holidays, bouquets of flowers … the possibilities are endless! Gifts and souvenirs on Valentine’s Day, New Year, and just for no reason …

Intrigued? Then we get down to business.

Prepare the already mentioned materials :

  • wire ;
  • nail polish.

In addition you may be helpful :

  • pliers, wire;
  • pliers ;
  • Round ;
  • clip and eraser .

On the technology and materials
First I want to tell more about what you need

Wires should not be thick, suitable wire crafts. I used a wire of 0.3 mm. Take a color which you like (or is what it is).

The wire must be supple, relatively soft to from it was handy to make the frame for the product , which is quite a lot of small parts .

Nail polish is needed thickened. If there is no such as luck, and it can be normal, but the work will go much more slowly and you will have much more difficulty on the way to a perfect result.


Wire cutters are needed in order not to break off the wire. You can replace a pair of scissors (not pity). If you have already worked with the wire, and you know, what you prefer to use.

Pliers and pliers are required to twist the wire frame. In fact, I must confess that I have not enjoyed neither the one nor the other. I created my products “bare hands”, because my wire was quite thin and soft. Only for the creation of miniature loops I used a pencil, wire wrapped around virtually lead.

My miniature pliers for such work would still not useful, they are very much in my big, not jewelry.

In addition, a pair of pliers or pliers can hold the product so as not to get your hands dirty.

Clip and eraser (or a needle and eraser) are needed in order to hang the product on the clip (or needle), stuck in the eraser, you can dry it. After all, it is bad in the thickened nail polish: it dries obscenely long. So you probably do not want to keep their crafts for a few hours. For this purpose, not necessarily to use the eraser, you can come up with other means available. For example, I was drying their crafts directly on the hooks, bent wire is not cut off from the reel, having put on the very tips of the scissors (scissors while his lay mostly on the shelf), etc.

On the table before starting an unnecessary necessarily lay a leaf (or preferably several) of paper or newspaper. Prior to drip paint on the table no one is going, but then it definitely happens by itself.

In addition, put a number napkin to wipe his right has not dried lacquer with hands (and nails).

Use only in a ventilated area . Although the nail and nail to breathe it still is not particularly useful.

Now we can begin to act!

How to make crafts out of wire and nail polish
The first thing you need to bend the wire frame products . Mandatory requirement – the hack should be very small . If you want to create something bigger, it is desirable to somehow break it into pieces.

My experience has shown that it is most convenient to work with crafts , details of which are comparable to the size of the brush with nail polish. If the item is much less have a chance to dirty varnish wrong color other details. If the item is significantly more difficult to pull at her nail polish.


So, I decided to twist the wire tie , making four small loops of wire, then the “top” of these four big loops, hit the road construction in the middle (body butterfly) and twisting tendrils with eyelets at the ends.

To make the antennae , I took pencil, wrapped wire near the pencil.

The ends of the wire proved to bottom, I pressed as much as possible of the other coils of wire.

All butterfly should try at this point to make as much as possible the plane to then it was easier to work with lacquer.

My butterfly photographed on a background of notebook sheet in a section that gives an idea of its size .

Now it comes in thickened nail polish . Choose the item on which we will “pull” lacquer.

Lightly dip the brush into the varnish, holding the contours of parts inside, to remain on the wire a little polish on the details around the perimeter . From thickened nail remains noticeable thick strip, sometimes drops. This is normal.

Generously brush dipped in nail polish, stretch big drop from the brush across the piece. The varnish will stick to the already deposited on the wire, but not the fact that the bubble will pull varnish the first time.


Brush must be kept at the lowest possible angle to the plane of the craft. Try to keep a brush the top and bottom crafts . It was easier to do it from the bottom.

Lac taut, does not burst and rastёksya the wire? Excellent. Now cant hack in the right direction, so that it is uniformly rastёksya , failed clearance. On the floor minute wait , do not we place crafts and do not hang it to paint a little “come from.”

Now you can start the other parts , preferably not adjacent (not to accidentally touch).

I chose the second small “inner” loop on the top wing of a butterfly, which is painted over with their hands in the same thickened nail polish with glitter .

Repeat the same steps with the other parts.


The biggest difficulty I started when I moved to a different color varnish. I really wanted to play on the contrast and use the wings for a gentle milky white paint that I had absolutely new , absolutely not thickened.

When I contours of this liquid varnish around the perimeter of the details on the wire does not form dense droplets (as a thickened nail), nail or pull, but only dripping and pouring …

I suffer for a long time, but still made ​​his own by filling in the details of the remaining light varnish. Antennae I decided not to fill the varnish and leave the loop, because for them will be a butterfly somewhere to hang (eg a chandelier).


In some places light liquid paint to details, painted dark nail polish with glitter .

So after I finished work and dry it, he walked the red parts of the wings again , filling in unnecessary light smudges another varnish.

It made ​​me think that it would be nice crafts strengthened slightly, and then covered with a butterfly on both sides a layer of clearcoat (also polish).

In the intervals between coats of varnish I Dried butterfly , as I have described above.

Now you can see in the photos exactly how I engages the butterfly to the hooks of the wire is not cut off .


But hack butterfly of wire and nail polish is ready


I have to admit, this was my first experience of working in this technique.

In this photo (which can be seen through the butterfly) is especially noticeable flaws in its manufacture: there are nail zatёk wherever it flow into the general should not, and in some places (this applies to liquid light varnish, which I suffered) film turned out not quite homogeneous. On the bottom right flap it turned thinner than one would have.

A few words in conclusion
But this experience is still inspired me to further exploits (because still it!), and I began to do crafts in this technique.


That batch of new craft wire and nail polish .

Heart specially divided into pieces to make it easier to fill them with lacquer. Nail it was used without sequins and glitter similar color.

Flower made ​​eyelets on the same principle, on what is done and the butterfly, but I reeled the middle of a stronger and a loop for hanging twisted right in the middle of one of the petals.

So far, so easier to work in the gates in general the jewelry techniques . Type in hand, and you also can not stop, will come up with more and more new forms, and then beg her friends thickened nail polish! 🙂

Technique ” nail and wire “really addictive.



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