Dandelion from cocktail tubules

Dandelion from cocktail tubules

Dandelion from cocktail tubules

Today, I talk about the manufacture of dandelion cocktail tubules. Decoration Summer area most relevant topic. That’s what I came out of dandelions.


First you need to make midway. Take a piece of Penoplex, I, residues of other crafts. On Penoplex draw a circle the size you want and cut-outs of a ball.

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Immediately, an empty bowl, you need to do to stem mounting. Take an ordinary syringe, crop it and we fix our softwood in the middle of a (ball).



Then a screwdriver We perform a lot of holes in the middle, (the ball).

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Take a cocktail tubes. Cut them in half, it is possible in three parts, in spite of the size, you want to make a flower. The end of the tube cut into four pieces and twists each of the four edges separately.


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Then glue gun fill every hole in the middle, (ball) with glue and glue our tubes. Get inflorescence basket.

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Stalk can use various sticks, tubes. I used PVC plumbing pipes, smooth, with a diameter of 16 mm.


You can make it right, but we can bend it. It uses an industrial dryer. They warmed up the phone and bends into the desired shape.



Then fasten the pipe-stem to the most inflorescence basket.

22 23

The flower is ready.

24 25

Courtesy: maam.ru