How to decorate a jar with eggshells

By posted on March 2, 2018 2:20PM
jar with eggshells
Today I want to show you how to decorate with egg shells. It states that we need a good dose of patience, but it is doable.
jar with eggshells
Of course, we need the shells of eggs, a can, to begin with, I took it one small, white glue, a paintbrush and acrylic paints, (in the photo are not there).

jar with eggshells

For one thing of glue on one side of the jar. Here I have put too much, all they need is also less.
jar with eggshells
So we break the egg shells and begin to put a piece close to each other, mosaic type.
jar with eggshells
Continue with calm and patience until it covers the whole jar.
jar with eggshells
Allow to dry thoroughly and then still give a coat of glue on all the surface.
Now you can give the color you choose, it is best not to use watercolors, but acrylics or glass paints. With the brush you have to tap the color, possibly mixing the colors as you prefer. If you are not satisfied, when dry you can go over another color. I’ve got data 2-3 then I preferred a nice red. Let dry thoroughly and give a glossy transparent flating hand, that will set everything well.
jar with eggshells
I then passed around the neck of the jar as finishing, fixing rope with glue. There it ended.
jar with eggshells
What you see below is a jar of instant coffee covered by bits of eggshells.
jar with eggshells
Now here’s how I transformed.
jar with eggshells jar with eggshells
courtesy: centomilaidee

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