Earrings with leaves of plastic bottles


Earrings with leaves of plastic bottles




Hello, I wanted to make a tutorial for making earrings bottles. How much of this I was able to show that it is easy to develop not know. I just hope you prompted to look at the potential of things away.
Today I saw an interesting article on how a handful of people made ​​hotel junk.
Very interesting sounded unfortunate that no adherents among my acquaintances, otherwise a great pleasure to embark on something greater.

If you have not gone through my previous posts for plastic earrings please:
This is like a lesson , here you can see how I use such leaves.
This , this and this only photos.

To begin, I want to clarify that the leaves are cut with scissors in the same curve of the plastic bottle. Yellow petals in the most curved part of the bottle, blue in slightly sloping and green are a place where almost no curve. The curve is something I can not change, so I try to use the curves of the bottle itself.



Then all the leaves are gone over candle to not sharp and pinned bumps.
I have a home-made block for drilling holes in plastic components .
Put the needle-packing needle, usually on one side, then turn the leaf and the other expanding hole.


Drilled leaves look like.


I combine various colors that are my very favorites.
When I think May I nelyubim color.
So colorful things entirely typical of my persona.


I wanted to try the technique with winding one another and here I saw the perfect way to do it.
Ostanovih However, one thing on a thin wire, difficult and imperfect thin wire is wound.
It sounds like a quote from Alice in Wonderland.
So the other way would be to 0.6mm. or 0.8mm. wound 0.2mm. I hope to become.


Roughly it seems tab which is wound.
The bottom picture are finished wound rings in their front part has a green bead.


I had turned kukuchkite tab of the earrings to be able to properly COLD home wound My rings of wire.
This part is not mandatory, it was purely for aesthetic reasons.