How to make Bear of balloons

How to make Bear of balloons

We have the best gift for that special someone, friend or family.Balloon Bear will bring a smile to the recipient guaranteed. It’s Easy, Tell us what you would like . We will create a custom design for you, so you can make that special person extremely happy.


For work, we need:
– 6 ball 12 inch blue … or 5 balls and one linkolun (more on this later)
– 3 5 inch white ball
– one five-inch black ball for the nose
– 4, 5 inch blue ball
– 2 260 shdm (shdm-balls to simulate … in common sausage balls))) pen
– a small ball sinker for any color
– permanent markers
beads … (in my case Vitaminki revit …. I think this is ideal. ..dazhe if a child is bitten figure … what happened in my practice … bead-Vitaminka … do not hurt him)
– shdm pruning
– a pair of hands 

Let’s start) Nadu cluster of 4 x 12 inch blue balls (cluster 4 is the same diameter of the inflated balloon tied together) to togo.. balls were the same there are some ways … but for this we need a little figurines calibrated balls .. .consider pitching pump inflating each ball … so inflate each of the balloons by 20 strokes of the pump ..


Then do sinker … for the sustainability of our figures … we take a little five-inch ball to put it on the tap and pour water into it … is tied to the ground … like this:


Now make the body …… these are the balls with two tails like my photos … but if there is such a ball … okay … we’ll do a simple bowl buttons of ..k which then will strengthen his head … for it Nadu ball to the desired value … and not tying it put a mark on the top of a ball marker …. … will blow into it … mistimed drop bead bead to our mark and tie segment … for a couple of turns and tie a knot …. the body is attached to the base of our …


The next step … inflate a cluster of small beads bind to our torso … we make sure that all the balls in the cluster are the same … otherwise the figure would be inaccurate and curve ..


Now the hardest thing … do blanks head … to take this 12 inch balloon inflate it … … we put a mark in the places where the marker will be required to appear ears and snout … … do balloon deflate buttons. .. I described above … drop the ball into the bead … drove her to the mark and tied a scrap  … so do three buttons …


Now need harvesting ears and muzzle …. here we will use the technique of “apple” to take this five-inch ball and scrap ….


Nadu ball on two or three strokes of the pump will be tying up … … then push the wall with both hands the ball to each other … Druk one hand thrusting a bundle inside … the other hand tried to grab it from the other side as soon as we …. he grasped … Scroll it three times around and tie ..

8 (1)

fix a scrap … so we make two eye … one person at first it is difficult to deal with that … ask for help … at least in order to tie the knot while you hold it … so do two of the tab … for the faces we need to have ties with the two sides … one to tie the muzzle to his head … the other … to bind to muzzle nose … the same technique … but when we Nadu and tie the ball … We bind to the complication scrap … to pushing the knot inside the ball outside the left  … unfortunately forgot to take pictures …. if something is not clear write … explain …


These are blanks we get … one of them …


Putting It All Templates … inflate blue blank … and bind ears and snout in place …


tie our heads in place) there are very few))


roll up at the ends of the loop …


fasten the handle is twisted loops together … if we decorate dog bunch of …


Drawing the eyes … you can draw eyes or on self-adhesive paper and stick … … decorate our figure is ready glad your kids !!) … thank you for coming forward to your figures … good luck! !!



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