How to make 3-D glass

How to make 3-D glass

How to make 3-D glass

Many are advised to view 3D-photo buy glasses that are included with the special books and DVD-disks (usually referred to children’s books). The Council is not very good, I specifically bought these glasses:


In general – not happy. The 3D effect of course seeing, but the quality leaves much to be desired filter, double vision, since the filter passes the portion of which in theory should not miss. Actually, dubbing the film, if one layer – has totzhe disadvantage, but using two layers – we get what we need. By the way, to improve the QUALITY of purchased points can be further toned them. And the description of how to make their own points. For the production we need: dubbing film (can be purchased from companies specializing in the supply of film dubbing, prices as of 15.12.09 amount to 250 up to 400 rubles per 1 meter if this is not possible


Cut points:


Cut the film (you can make a few points, with one film layer and two, do not separate basis) and fix it with a narrow strip of adhesive tape to a half points


Glue the second half and give dry. While dry – cut out the arc, and after dry themselves Points – glue darling. It should look like this:


If you wear glasses, you can not stick the bow, and from the remains of cardboard cut mounting 3D-glasses to the usual points.