How to make lotus bowl

How to make lotus bowl

How to make lotus bowl

like a flower basket with Easter basket. By changing the angle of the basket more open or closed. This is the version that resembles a lotus.


How to make a lotus flower basket

Cut the pattern twice. You will have two turntables fittings.

Flip one of the turntables.

The words “a pinwheel on top of another. Auto upper decks weapons under the hand of the lower decks.


Tug of weapons and pinwheels to turn in opposite directions until they are tight against each other. This makes the bottom of the basket.

The number of weapons is very easy with a pencil as shown.


Weave white hand 1: 8, more green, a white 2. Clip on the green one.

4 5

Weave white hand 2: 1 more green, a white 3 Clip 2 on the green.

Weave white hand, 3: 2 green, white 4. under the clip on the Green 3.

Repeat for 4-7 weapons.

When you reach the white and green weapons 8, they simply clip together.

6 7

Notice my basket weave exceeds more than at the ends of arms.

8 (1)

Depending on your paper color and design, you may prefer to switch weapons, so that the rest of the colors (in this case it would be white) is on top. I loved the pink over white better, although it messed with the weave pattern.

Once you decide which way to finish the day, I start bonding!

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