How to make 3 D panel

3 D panel

How to make 3 D panel

That’s the work that we have called “Slice of Summer”, we turned to the youngest daughter. The idea has served as one of the bought me napkins. For the third time noticed how, during the competition, materials or ideas being asked to translate

3 D panel (1)Here is the same cloth, which was the idea to create the work. We started with a cardboard cover acrylic primer and painted light blue sky background. I apologize for the photos, find time in the evening. 3 D panel (2)
Xenia first painted different shades of green grass.

3 D panel (3)It turned out this way. 3 D panel (4)
Then he draws two daisies 3 D panel (5)

And here is the process of modeling the rest of the daisies. 3 D panel (6)Dali dry. 3 D panel (7)After the dough has dried, painted the sculpted elements.3 D panel (8)

It was decided to add the cornflowers and reds flowers. And, of course, not without ladybirds.

3 D panel (9)Our piece of summer is already hanging on the wall and will delight us with the cold winter evenings. Lodging in a frame, which painted themselves to coming to work 3 D panel (10)

One more time. 3 D panel (11)