Pendant made of polymer clay

Pendant made of polymer clay

In this lesson, you will see the process of making a spectacular pendant out of polymer clay with simulated metal, learn tricks and techniques for working with plastics.


For work, we need:

– Polymer clay black and quite a bit of different colors;
– liquid plastic;
– extruder;
– opener;
– cutters;
– acrylic metallic paint in two colors;
– texture;
– nail polymer clay;
– fittings for assembly.


Roll out the clay layer of the desired thickness. I roll out to 2-ke pasta machine and fold in half.


Take the design you want to. I often try to find out from things at hand. In this case, the cover phone:


With it I took an image and baked already used it for a pendant.


That’s what happened in the end.


With a cutter, cut out a circle.

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Make a hole with a small cutter for Bailey.


From a small layer of clay cut out 8 balls.


These balls will be the decorative part of the pendant. Pressed it with small Phillips screwdriver, as it looks like imitation rivets. Then bake it all for 15 minutes at a temperature shown on the packaging of your clay.


Now cut a smaller circle for the midway pendant. The thickness of this range is less than the first one. With a knife make scratches on it. Make some dots recesses of different diameter, for the future, “pebbles”.


More laps we already baked and cooled down. Trim the edges, remove various irregularities, if necessary. Metallic paint, copper-colored cover our billet. I do it with a sponge or simply with your finger, covering the convex side of the figure. It’s as you like, or strongly inked or not 🙂


Then, apply the liquid plastic at the center of the workpiece and also on the yet baked smaller circle.


Fix the smaller one at the center of the work piece and gently press down, so that would not damage our dash. And bake again for 15 minutes.


When it gets cool apply silver paint.


Fill the cavity made with pendant balls of colored clay and add balls of black clay. And again, bake it for 15 minutes.
If you are confident in their accuracy and can do it all at once, you can bake it after completing all your work.


When all we have baked and cooled legalize our ‘stones’ and a central element of the pendant . For that I used an extruder.


That is what we must have. All this stuff will send the last time in the oven for another 20-25 minutes.


When our pendant already baked and cooled, brush a thin paint, cover the copper edging around the “pebbles” and silver black beads. At the same time, our decor is over.


“Metal” of the pendant cover matte varnish, and “stones” glossy. Give dry and collect our pendant.

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I will always prefer Bale of genuine leather and waxed cord, from which the knit crochet braid. Fasten accessories and the pendant is ready 🙂

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