How to make plastic bottles flower tree

How to make plastic bottles flower tree

How to make plastic bottles flower tree

Articles made of plastic bottles may be small or large, not only depending on whether a bottle container, we use. Large crafts for the garden can be done, bonding PET bottles.


For example, such an ornamental tree can become incredibly original decoration of your garden, if you have just a dozen plastic bottles of the same shape, a long rod to the stem and a little material to create leaves (there are different options).

How to paint plastic bottles inside
Bottles can be painted initially (e.g., colored PET containers are often sold carbonated beverages). Of course, over time, make UV plastic is not so bright, but as an ornamental tree will have a very faded petals, you can update them with paint.

How to make the petals of a flower, a tree, if you only have a clear plastic bottle. It is advisable to paint the inside – so the paint would be invulnerable to all sorts of weather (rain, snow, wind, etc.). Painting is carried out in a manner easy: it is necessary in each bottle to pour a little paint and a chat, or a capacity to roll it (for example, on a table), to paint spread over the entire inner surface.

How to seal the bottle into a flower
1. First, the neck of each bottle needed to pierce a red-hot needle through, then strung on a flexible wire container and roll “bagel”. Received a “sweetheart” with rays – harvesting flower.

2. To make the middle of a lush garden crafts, first you need to cut a rectangle out of the bottle, and then with the two edges of cut thin “noodles.” Perhaps one of the bottle to create a “terry” midway will not be enough – you can use two.

3. Now you need to stick with the cut edges of the rectangle in the middle of a flower and spread “stamen”. We get quite “fuzzy.”

4. The leaves of the tree as a decorative flower can be cut from plastic or other lightweight material. You can even roll cage obtyanut sheet and a cloth.

5. An interesting way to create a leaf of a mosquito, you can learn here.

6. It remains to attach the flower and leaves the trunk of crafts for the garden – long reinforcing rods, and can be planted a tree. By the way, using the height of the stems of trees can be regulated, ensuring maximum harmony in the decoration of the garden.