How to make rose ball

How to make rose ball

How to make rose ball


For work, we need:

– A circle of a hard felt with a diameter of 6 cm;

– Scissors;

– Thread with a needle;

– Satin ribbon width of 2.5 cm and a length of 65-70 cm.

How to make rosettes:

1. Cut a section of the circle and sew the edges, it turns out a small cone. Fold tape to obtain a square face up.


2. Sew on the square to the center of the cone along three sides. Bend the tape to the bottom side of the square, a triangle. Sutured area. Bend again and sew the left edge. Again bend the tape imposed on the edge of the square and sew.


3. Repeat this simple action a few times along the sides of the square, forming a rosebud. We continue to sew a little offset angle.


4. Form a rose, until all the felt will not be filled. The edge of the tape folded back and sewn to the wrong side.