How to make apple from paper mashe

How to make apple from paper mashe

Making them is not difficult, but the process is extended in time. Children do not like it. But busy adults is even ruku…..trays (2 min.), Tomorrow knead the dough (let’s say 15 min.), And then blinded and you can really decorate slowly evenings – to prepare for the holidays, for some reason, is much more interesting than celebrate.

paper mashe

apple (2)

Needed :

  • paper trays of eggs, flour paste, PVA glue.

For decoration :

  • corrugated paper, gouache, PVA, starch, semolina, wire.

PVA is necessary to buy hardware or home improvement store large capacity – it takes a lot.
, Is their only hot to everything turned out well, I recommend to use a rather loose trays, they begin to unravel pour water.
Fill pans with hot water.

apple (3)

When softened, torn into pieces and leave in the water.

apple (4)

When properly swell pieces were milled using a mixer or processor.

apple (5)

Wrung out the water through a cloth.

apple (6)

Here’s what happened.

apple (7)

Scrap obtained paste and mix with a small amount of PVA glue or paste only. It turns out the dough for sculpting. But anything from it is not fashion, so you need to choose the form easier.
I’ll show how I molded by the example of the fungus.
Roll into a ball arms.

apple (8)

Put it in a small round container. Kata ball in the container. It will turn out smooth, smooth. From then it is convenient to mold simple shapes.

apple (9)

How to cook.
Pour into a small (!) Capacity of starch and add the PVA. Mix and achieve the desired consistency by adding PVA – if you need thinner, or starch – if you need more densely. Tinted with gouache. Capacity is better to take with a lid -Paint stalemate. The tail of wire wrapped crepe paper (all good coat with PVA). And here I want to show how apple harvesting is transformed into an apple. To make it smoother, I papered the workpiece with several layers of toilet paper.

apple (12)