How to Make Keychain Felt Cupcake

Here is a fun DIY project to make a cute cupcake key chain. This nice little piece is very successful and you can still take pieces of felt that already have at home.


Learn how to Make Key chain Felt Cupcake

To make this craft you will need:

  • Common scissors;
  • Felts with the colors of your choice;
  • Metal ringlet for key chain;
  • Needle embroidery;
  • Acrylic blanket or other filling of your choice;
  • Tape your preference with the color, style, model or pattern also of your choice;
  • Lines for embroidery with colors matching the chosen materials;
  • Buttons with models, sizes, styles, prints or colors of your choice;
  • Molde (image below).


Step by Step Key chain Felt Cupcake

Start separating all the materials you will use in your craft.


Then transfer the mold parts to the respective colors of the chosen felts.


Soon after, do embroidery details on the cupcake base. At this stage you can make the point you want, as the chain on point, shown in this example, or other point of embroidery you like.


Now, finish decorating the base of your cupcake any way you want.


Then nail the cupcake coverage, with points also of your own.


Thereupon, before sewing the top, place a piece of tape folded in half to pass the key chain ringlet later.


Now nail the other parts of the cupcake and attach to the back of. Start close your cupcake, but before reaching the end fill the piece with acrylic blanket or other filling of your choice and finish closing the opening.


Then to finish your piece, preach the button on the part of the tape and pass the ringlet for keychain by tape. And you are done!