How to make sand art terrarium

I’ve always enjoyed building my own mini eco-system as you can have so much fun experimenting with different plant species on an adorably small, manageable scale. Trust me, for someone who has a long history of wiping out cacti, this testimonial speaks volumes. And what better way to change up the standard terrarium formula than with layered sand art, a favorite childhood craft? I told you this would be fun. One of the most exciting parts about this kit is that we’ve provided you with a packet of assorted sedum seeds so that you can germinate them yourself and watch them sprout into a variety of luscious succulents in a few weeks time. After all, all good things require patience.
  sand art terrarium  sand art terrarium
Each kit includes:
sedum seeds
planter pot
peat pellet
3 bags of sand
glass vase
mixed moss
long spoon
You’ll need:
a piece of paper
wooden skewer (optional)
  sand art terrarium
Start by placing the peat pellet in a small bowl. Pour water over the pellet until it’s completely submerged. Allow sitting for 30 minutes until it has expanded. Before placing the soil into the pot, make sure to squeeze out any excess water. Place the soil into the starter pot and sprinkle a pinch of sedum seeds over the top.
  sand art terrarium
Water sparingly and occasionally, just enough to keep the soil moist for germination. Your sedum will sprout in a week and will take about a month to thicken. You can either assemble your terrarium now or wait until your sedum thickens.
  sand art terrarium
When you’re ready to assemble your terrarium, cut all the bags of sand open and start pouring your first color into the bottom of the glass. The trick here is to not worry about making the layers even. Layer on another color, paying attention to the patterns you are starting to create. Play around with the thickness of each layer – the more inconsistent you are, the better!
  sand art terrarium
Once the sand is about an inch high, carefully place your sedum pot into the middle of the glass container.
  sand art terrarium
Slip a small piece of paper into the glass container, surrounding the sedum pot. The instruction card included in the kit is perfect for this! Continue pouring sand, between the paper and the side of the glass. Use the long spoon for better control.
  sand art terrarium
Stop once the sand almost covers the top edge of the sedum pot.
  sand art terrarium
Add moss in any bare areas and use the plastic pipette to help wedge them in place. Use the pipette to water the serum once every few days. Keep away from direct sunlight.
  sand art terrarium
 sand art terrarium
A long wooden skewer is a great tool to help create different patterns in your sand art. Use the sharp tip to push one color into another.
  sand art terrarium
When creating your sand art, just remember that mistakes are a good thing! You might surprise yourself at the patterns you’ll end up with.
  sand art terrarium
courtesy: honestlywtf