How to make turning plastic bottles into colorful flower petal art

Pritt Creative Club every week children will find it easy to implement ideas. Headings in line with the signed application and current are always up to date occurs ideas. It will be a pleasant autumn afternoon on the sun dance in such a fun

turning plastic bottles  (1)
turning plastic bottles  (2)
We will need to empty PET bottles. These beautiful children check permanent marker to color, they can ping….used more colors, so the end result will be really special. Once dry the samples felping√°lt, come a little parental help.
Sharp scissors to cut a flat spiral cylinders. Adult perform this operation so since cutting is provided along the sharp plastic. After cutting sharp edges. The bottom of the bottle is cut off, you will not need them now (it is done in a later project).
turning plastic bottles  (3)
turning plastic bottles  (4)

In the end, all that remains is a linkag

turning plastic bottles  (5)

and watch your colourful wind spirals bounce and dance in the breeze.

turning plastic bottles  (1)