New Year’s cards from CD

New Year’s cards from CD

first wanted to make a traditional postcard with wreath of snowflakes, but suddenly, a miracle happened !, examining boxes with toys, we found some old CD-ROM drive … and the idea with the cards found its embodiment in the form of a New Year’s ball from the disk!
These have turned our gifts.


We need: the old CD-wheels, satin ribbons, colorful  snowflakes, circles of colored paper: more to the back of the drive for smaller -for background,draw a Christmas theme, surround the double sided tape, glue stick and “Moment”, rhinestones to decorate (optional).


the shiny side of the disc.
Glue with “Moment” satin ribbon on both sides of the disc.

3 4

Pasted in the middle of a circle background, ribbon and closing the hole in the middle of the disc. It is already possible to use a glue stick.


We are beginning to take shape wreath. The first row of snowflakes.


The second row.


The third row. You can play with color snowflakes. Wreath ready.


We take our drawing stuck to her pieces surround tape,


in the middle of a wreaths.


The flip side of the disc is completely seal the colored paper and make out on request.
We cut out Christmas motifs from napkins and decorated with rhinestones, you can just paste snowflakes, but you can write a nice wish …


That’s all the presents ready!


Angel – the son of himself painted drawing, carved, decorated drive.


Aleshin herringbone – well, just all ready to decorate balls, sequins

14 15

Frosty twig with a candle


And this we have decorated wreath stars and “patterned sun”

17 18


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