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I’m now with another capacity of anything 
Remember, I showed what I made ​​boxes of the packages from milk? They are now stored buttons. I want more of these boxes do already glued blanks, but has not yet reached his hands, but I did organizer for the bathroom.


I have it again completely out of what is thrown away in the trash 🙂
It started with the fact that her husband bought Cyril windup boat. it is not a long time it has pleased unfortunately, but it was on a stand !!! I spit it, spit in like this throw? This in itself is already a good shelf!  Tried to her milk bags – ideal became four, but there is still the same place, but we just were making all of the different rolls of toilet paper. I tried on them and this is necessary ?! Six pieces just fit! 🙂

Plastered all kraft paper. The one with Merlin – it was wrapped in a bouquet of flowers, which I once gave, and this is simple – I do not remember from what :). Rolls fully wrapped, boxes and only one-third of a cord-used filter from the water. Lace also b / y of old ripped towels. Yellow ribbon and glue – the only thing that was purchased specifically and not specifically for this 


I think a good idea! True? Especially when you consider what it’s 🙂 The rolls are placed very convenient eyeliner and mascara, nail files and manicure scissors … in short all small and boxed milk settled brushes, combs and creams in tubes … To photograph everything it did not 🙂