Round box making

Round box making

This small workshop for the production of corrugated cardboard round box prepared for us Antonina Lobchuk with which you are perfectly familiar with her ​​work of polymer clay and paper. Tonya Today show us how, without calculations and measurements can be quickly and easily make a gift box of conventional materials


Thus, materials and tools:
For work, we need:
– corrugated cardboard
– glue
– scissors and stationery knife
– line
– the round shape of the desired diameter, in this case, tube of adhesive tape


Notes on cardboard desired Dean – this is the height of our box. Stationery knife slits do with corrugated side is folded paper and cut foundation. The resulting band will sidewall box.


In the same way we cut another strip of cardboard, is only narrower – it will cover the sidewall.


Take the form to our box. In my case it tuba tape, but it can serve as any object of suitable diameter, for example, it may be a glass … if I need a box of small diameter, use a cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels. The main thing was to form a straight line, that is not zauzhivalas / expanded.
We cover a wide strip shape, cut off too much, a few strips of corrugations are smoothed, smeared with glue and glue directly on the tube. Make sure that would not have stuck to the tube itself.


Just Do the same operation with a narrow strip only try on its future over the side wall of the box. Glue the end, again making sure not stuck to the side, give dry.
Next we tighten up our ring for a side wall of the cover and put on butt glue. We are putting a face coated with adhesive to the cardboard with a smooth hand presses. Our tube attached inside the right circle shape.


While the cap dries, the glue can be applied to the sidewall of the box. Then gently pull out the tube to the sidewall and also glued to the cardboard. Again, it follows that only stuck to the side wall, it is necessary to form a little lift.
Well, the only thing to do! And yet our future can prigruza of the box, that would be all well stuck.

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When the glue has dried the excess cardboard should be cut along the sides, if desired, decorate the product and “voila”, your box is ready to present a gift!

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