Snowflakes from straw

Snowflakes from straw

Snowflakes from straw

I hope this idea and enjoy the New Year holidays are like snowflakes to decorate the Christmas tree, offices and warm cozy apartment. First of all, I want to make a reservation on the material used, I have this straw cereals, but you can take a paper quilling, satin ribbon, leather belt locks of wool and everything what you have enough imagination vibrant artisan. Let’s go ..

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Tools and materials that will be needed: soaked in hot water, straw, wooden comb, scissors, a large needle, glue (in this case the best fit Torque), Threads.


More focus on the tool for weaving comb. Use wood because it does not bend the teeth, they are cheaper and straws with dry wood is removed just fine. The photo shows what I brought them out of the store, a little conjured with a comb turned them into a working tool.


The work begins with a break down of straw into two equal parts – then thatched tape. For this and take the needle eyelet to hook below the straw and cleaves it on the one hand, and then half pierce a straw sozhmav sharp needle tip at the fold and cleaves the entire length of the straw. It turns out the two straw tape.


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 Getting weaving. Straw ribbon inner side up on the wrong side of the comb is passed between the 2nd and 3rd comb teeth

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lift it and put on top of the front of the comb


reckoned from the bottom a few teeth (I 9, depends on the diameter of the snowflakes), and is passed between 9 and 10 teeth straw ribbon, then it goes down to the exact seredinochku ribbon on the first round.


The second round is done similarly, only one clove below first on one side, then another clove below on the other side of the plexus.

9 10 11

Propletaem straw to the end and there comes a time nadstavleniya. Cropped once the tip of the straw


and take up a second straw ribbon threaded it into the weave between the 1st and 2nd denticles derive back and forth on the midway. Next propletaem as before, each time dropping to one clove.


14 16

Fix the weaving, threading remnants straw ribbon under the last round, and we coat with glue.

17 18

Maybe weaving and additional curls, for that extra swing the clove around.


20 21

This leaf has to dry thoroughly on a comb, then it can be removed. Snowflake consists of 6 or 8 leaves. They are strung on a thread, plenty of missed glue and bind it. Excess trim.

22 23 24

Experiment with the number of teeth involved in weaving, propletayte each clove through clove, make additional windings on the denticles, collect on the tops and leaves on the lower classes and you will get a variety of snowflakes. But a few ready-made.

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