Spiral plaid square blanket

Spiral plaid square blanket

Spiral plaid square blanket

Plaid is a textile product, which does not require a blanket cover. Usually linked or associated wool. But there is a category of people who may be allergic to wool and wool products, respectively. In this case it is better to take the acrylic or cotton. It is made of cotton fabric sewn home Spiral plaid squares.


It takes the basic fabric of white cloth squares of different colors, fabric to the wrong side of the rug (it can be either white, monochrome and colored). pattern paper, a pencil and scissors, tailors’ needles, sewing machine.


Based on the size that you want to cut into squares of colored and white cloth. Squares may have different dimensions 8 * 8 cm, 10 x 10 cm, 12 * 12 cm, etc.


In accordance with the Pattern squares lay on a flat horizontal surface.


And the pattern stitch color and white squares into one canvas. By the way, if you want a warmer version of plaid, then Insulate its synthetic padding.


And now we bring beauty – fixing the front part from the inside, between the layer (sintepon or fleece), and from the center, using a sewing machine sew a circle helix (the distance between the sutures of 2-3 cm).


Sew a large spiral circle across the surface of the rug. Sheathe the edge.


If you wish, you can set it in a pillowcase and sew for a sofa cushion.

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Spread a bed, lay down on the pillow, sheltering blanket, we see solar dreams 🙂


Courtesy: efachka.ru