How to make Valentine Heart photo frame

Valentine Heart photo frame

We will need to make two small golden heart with one heart and insert a photo. Let’s get started! We felled the two golden fabric inserts. In their form, we will do the groundwork for the little hearts.


Stepping back from the edge of the workpiece 1 cm, it will outline on a sheet of corrugated cardboard. Cutting out the pattern, we obtain the primary element of the workpiece. For one little heart would need to be two such elements. Accordingly, in the heart harvests 2 4 elements.

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Big heart will do on the basis of the template pictures (inserts in the heart). Predefined shape and size, it’s easiest to take a ready-made template of the little heart, to withdraw from its edges to 1 cm., And transfer it to plain paper. At the preliminary zalaminirovannnuyu picture of the future gift recipients will publish a paper pattern is the most appropriate way. You can now insert a ready-cut picture for the big heart. Based on the photos, cut out the basis for the insertion of a large heart (made of corrugated cardboard, 2 pieces, as well as on the small hearts). We had to turn the hearts of 6 gofrakortona. According to their size cut out 6 hearts of corrugated paper, as well as several paper strips about 2 cm wide and long enough to wrap her 1 large and 2 small heart on the perimeter. So at the moment we have a golden heart- insert (2 pcs.), Photo-insert (1 pc.), 4 heart of corrugated small (in the photo marked with the number “1”), 2 large heart made of corrugated cardboard (in the photo marked number “2”), 4 heart of gofrobumagi Small (pictured marked numeral “4”), 2 large heart of gofrobumagi (picture marked number “5”).



Also procured strips of corrugated paper edging hearts (pictured – 3 and 6). Now prepare the trunks of our hearts . Make them out of aluminum wire thickness of 5 mm. and fine metallic gold belt. The trunks attach to the workpiece for the heart via Melt. Liberally promazhem heart hot glue and top trunk attaches one another. In the end, turn the volume heart on the wire. The edges of hearts we glue cooked before strip of crepe paper. In the center attach items Hearts in the form of crepe paper. The last stage of the preparation of the heart to the wrapping beads – fastening insert. Golden box or insert photo-melting glue to the workpiece. For pasting heart prepare polubusiny 0.5 cm – they will go to the first layer. For the second layer using polubusiny smaller and small pearl beads. Pasting starting from the edge of the insert. We use Melt. After the first layer gently fasten the second, and so on, until the paste over all heart polubusinami in 1 layer. Polubusiny and beads of the second layer are mounted in between polubusinami first layer When all three elements are ready, we bend their wire legs and join them to each other. Now, we prepare a pot. Ideal gold, and if this is not there – wrap an ordinary crepe paper. Inside the pot Kinema stones, set in the middle of our hearts and fill it with a solution of a portion of plaster, parts of cement and water. As long as the cement dries, decorate a composition with decorative feathers (sticking their melting) .


Feathers decorate with red hearts. Cement inside the pot will paint gouache, diluted with white glue and zasyplem beads. At the bottom of every heart of beads will fix gold bows. In the photo shown in detail, as they do (mount all happening Melt). Add beads in the middle of feathers.




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