Epoxy pendant

Epoxy pendant

Epoxy pendant

Pendant is not small, but quite large. The epoxy adhesive is added glam-or, poorly visible in the photo, but in reality very beautiful white dots that do not fall down and look beautiful.

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I decided to pour into the silicone mold for cupcakes, I did not know that would happen, and how the product itself depart from silicone! I would say a very good thing to do in a silicone mold, the product is very easy to go as I pleased. At the bottom of the molds putting greens dried.


She poured a little epoxy and put all that far-fetched and gave her watch paeu sets. Then he filled in completely and night did not touched him.


In the morning, I got such beauty.


As a piece of ice.


Husband drilled hole drilled very good!

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Well, as for me! We must go for the winter the bushes a little to thin for a product tight …. and then it will be then.


Courtesy: liveinternet.ru