Floor vase made of papier-mache

Floor vase made of papier-mache

Floor vase made of papier-mache

I want to show you a bowl of papier-mashe.Eto my first creation, and made it to decorate my interior. The height of the vase 60cm, 25cm in diameter. I really wanted to bring to china, but no skill. Natural color, I could not take pictures.


This is the upper part of the vase, a closer look. Very bright sun.


The lower part of the vase.


Who will describe how and from what I have these things done.
She took to form, old, heavy, glass cover, pialki and plates for the cap and base. Mold release Vaseline (bought in a pharmacy), and with enthusiasm, narwhal enormous number of newspapers, and prepare PVA and water, got down to business. The result you see. Why did the 16 layers, with a good dry. Cut in half, remove and stick together.


It’s already assembled and glued vase on the glue, the photo below. Saturate akvalakom for wood surfaces (like).


Clay also liked the work. It is not well aligned froze wet finger, rinse with water. Freezes, it becomes like a plastic.


This varnish – impregnation.


Next. Raschertila here such festoons, you need a place to hide glue.

8 (1)

Circuit caused construction putty, a plastic bottle from, other handy equipment I was not. Dried out and began to glue , richly flavored with glue.


When the work was done, and allowed to dry prolachena, it’s time to close up and smooth out the bumps remaining on the sticker newspapers putty. How I could and did primed. Again covered with acrylic lacquer in 2sloya. I use “Lakra,” it flexible.


 paint the colour of milk chocolate


Top paced lighter, peach. Varnish PF-283. Dry to touch and finger struck bronze powder on top. When dry paint, again covered by it, in order to not lose the bronze color and oxides. Acrylic paint this powder, not a friend.


That happened. Then colored sphere in the main color, light cream. Craquelure caused 739-740. And here I was waiting for a problem that had to be overcome with firmness. Cracelures on all four areas will get different, from small to large. Although the thickness of the coating and time controlled precisely. In addition, on the upper field, do not lay down a second layer cracelures as expected, and the cavity formed. After smoothing it all got out. Guard!!!
I had to redo it. Saved vegetable oil and an adhesive layer, I took off safely, though it does not require much time, oil washed “Ferry”, degrease and struck again craquelure.



It dealt with the use of special equipment potal on the contour of the filler.


cold porcelain flowers, leaves, ribbons.


And took embellishment as vzbredet mind. Decor is glued onto the gel “Moment”. Prolachila acrylic lacquer.


Picture quality is not, but you can catch the meaning.
To fill the void between the colors and smooth the edges of the leaves with the help of glue “Titan”. Lacquer 3D – just sorry. After much experimentation with adhesives and sealants, “Titan” was the most solid in the drying !!! All other sealants, including the “moment” mobile and flexible.


Glued bows and loop “Decola” on glass and ceramics


Well, that’s enough. Now varnished.


So far it covered only five layers of acrylic gloss varnish, but this is not the limit. Lacquered continues!


Here in this photo, the color is closer to get.

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Courtesy: www.liveinternet.ru