How to make folds

How to make folds

How to make folds

Folds grandmother way.

Take a look, how do I quickly dense and smooth wrinkles grandmother’s way


A method of manufacturing folds using the ordinary plug is not replaced, requiring a large number of identical unilateral folds. This method has been known to our grandmothers and greatly facilitated the work of those who are engaged in manufacturing of frills for decor, children’s carnival, or clothing. For frills cut into strips of fabric butted them together and treat bottom. Take a common dining room and plug part of the fabric, which is sewn frill. Impose band frills on the item and insert the plug, as in the photo, capturing her only cloth ruffles.

Turn the plug – on foot machines for themselves.


When the plug will be on the platform machine, lightly pull up the fabric ruffles to fold lay flat. Hold frill left hand, right – unplug.


Stitched by the crease. The next fold to do likewise. When all of the folds frill sewn to the body panel, turn down the seam allowance on the part to which sew ruffles and sew it on the front side.






In such simple old-fashioned way, using ordinary fork, you can make a large number of folds of frills , decorating their children’s clothing, curtains and summer dress.