Making a stellar lamp in a jar of preserves

Making a stellar lamp in a jar of preserves

Making a stellar lamp in a jar of preserves

Keep a small lighted lamp is often unavoidable during early childhood of our children. Young usually sleep calmer if they have some light in your room. With this lamp you will also teaching your children that objects can have multiple lives once Deplete the most common. And of course you can involve them in its development that will help for sure delighted.


A dark and lit the lamp inside is very good. You can also teach kids some names of constellations can then look at the holiday outdoors.


1 glass jar wide mouth.
1 aluminum tray.
Silver marker.
LED lamp.


We cut the bottom and place it on cardboard. Using the punch mark the contour of the constellations we can copy from a website dedicated to astronomy for children.


With silver marker unite the points of constellations, it will help them look better when the lamp is lighted.

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Aluminum we wind up having a slightly less than the mouth canning jar that we will use size. Two notches at the ends help us fix the aluminum tube.


We can only enter the tube perforated aluminum, the LED lamp and we have assembled our stellar lamp.


When you go to bed the little we can stay a while at the head of his bed going over the names of the constellations that you have reflected on the lamp.



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